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hey there hi there ho there


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hi everyone, im sharon, im 30yrs old with 2 kids, megan 14 and anthony 4yrs, and were all mad about mika. i was walking past my daughters bedroom when i heard grace kelly, so i asked who was singing it and she said mika. i just thought it was a new band. then i heard his album and was totally hooked my little boy included. i went crazy and bought tickets for his glasgow show at the barrowlands and we got to meet and greet him. he was so sweet . it was an allround amazing night.we came home with big balloons and enough lollypops for a month from lollypop girl. lol. took some friends with us and now theyre hooked. cant wait to see him again in november.


nice to meet you all

love and lollypops


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Hey there howdy doodie (did I just say howdy doodie?) pfft sorry god knows what I am on now, think I have been on here too long today, and yesterday, and the day b4 and the last month, in fact my bums welded to the chair now.:boxed:

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