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Mika's figure collections- help us!


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Hi everyone, I need your help!


We all know that Mika loves Tamagocchi and plastic figures. We recently learned from a Hong Kong magazine article that he loves Astro Boy. Remember, Mika-in-shorts photo? He was on the bed with a few plastic figures (actually some of them are serious collector items).


I happen to be a long-time Astro boy fan (lol), and wondered why he bought the items in HK, instead of getting them in Japan while he was here for MTV award.


Actually, one of my friends, a Mika fan, is a well-known professional designer, who designs Japanese animation characters. So we thought it would be cool to give him really rare items, which are available only in anime-maniac heaven Japan. Of course, we will get Japan-only special version tamagocchis too.

We are even thinking about taking him to a famous labo/factory! We will do our best to make you happy, Mika:thumb_yello:


Could you please let me know any articles, inteviews, photos about his figure collections, so that we can figure out his favorites? Thanks much!:gathering:

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