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Hi! I was just remembering back to Friday afternoon. Everytime I opened my mouth Hollie, Ben or Bertie would say, 'If it has anything to do with MIKA,shut it.' and nearly everytime I shut my mouth. I wanted to know if anyone elses friends acted like that or if my friends just hate me. :thumbdown:

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yes it happens ..


"Hey I'll tell you something very exciting!! You know.."

My sister:" If its about Mika please shut your mouth."


..and I shut my mouth very often these days


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TRUST ME you are not the only one.... my "friends" pretty much hate me and think i'm the most annoying person in the world. i'm actually a little mad at them right now cause i'm of course freaking out cause i'm seeing Mika TOMORROW and you think they could at least be happy for me! All they do is yell at me like ROAAAAAAR SHUT UP WE DONT CARE!! and i'm like :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

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