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  1. DerMoment1608

    MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2017

    Sì, forse qualche informazione da parte di Gabbani fuoriesce Il mio ultimo briciolo di speranza
  2. DerMoment1608

    MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2017

    Penso che Gabbani non possa essere considerato come star internazionale Quindi prima dei contest per gli biglietti quasi sicuramente nessuna informazione se lui sarà un ospite e nel caso che sarà così a qualche data. Devo probabilmente abbandonare il mio sogno segreto Ma spero tuttavia che Francesco sarà un ospite, anche vederli insieme "solamente" sul TV dovrebbe essere bellissimo Divertirti domani!
  3. DerMoment1608

    Stasera Casa Mika 2017 Filming Dates in Milan

    Thank you, you two That are answers I don't want to hear But that's not your fault I guess my last hope are the Gabbani fan structures (maybe a recording invitation from his Fanclub for example), but there are so many "ifs" (if he is a guest at all, if the date leaks if he is, if I get tickets, if there are payable flights, if I can take the days off...), so I guess I've to be realistic and have to accept that it was just a great idea in my head, not in reality 😎
  4. DerMoment1608

    MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2017

    Volevo chiedere anche qui qualcosa su Casa Mika, magari più persone leggono qui In generale non voglio andare ad una registrazione (tutto e con brevissimo preavviso ), ma se Francesco Gabbani sarà un ospite lo considerare davvero. Vedere i miei artisti preferiti al momento insieme... Quindi volevo chiedere se c'erano informazioni sugli ospiti prima delle registrazioni l'anno scorso? E volevo chiedere anche se le informazioni sui biglietti normalmente erano state pubblicate 4 giorni prima con la conferma 2 giorni prima come questa domenica? O avete avuto anche notizie più presto o più tardi l'anno scorso?
  5. DerMoment1608

    Stasera Casa Mika 2017 Filming Dates in Milan

    I hope MFCers who had been there last year can help me with some information Actually I don't plan to go to a shooting, but if Francesco Gabbani should be a guest then I'd seriously consider it So I wanted to ask if somebody still remembers if last year - there was any information about the guests earlier? - the "normal" (non-last-minute) calls were also "4 days before shooting call for application, 2 days beforehand confirmation" like it's for the shooting this Sunday or did you know it earlier (or even later) for some dates?
  6. DerMoment1608

    Tech Support - 2017 Style

    For me still only the page opens but it doesn't jumpt to the post And there's another strange issue I just saw while trying to edit my "On n'est pas couché" post: I don't see an "edit" or "quote" option beneath old posts
  7. DerMoment1608

    Tech Support - 2017 Style

    Thanks Deb Only the whole page of the thread opens but not "on the position" of the linked entry
  8. DerMoment1608

    Eurovision 2017

    And yet still 30 entries missing, all of them coming up in the next 2,5 weeks :shocked:
  9. DerMoment1608

    Eurovision 2017

    We have a lot of new entries This is our entry from Germany Personally I like it, it's very generic, but I'm feeling wide and free while listening to the chorus. I'm very solely though, it gets so much negative response and "everyone" says it's bland, the chorus isn't strong, it's too vanilla... Then we have the next big bunch of female ballads Switzerland Poland Malta Hungary has choosen a ethno-song: This is the French entry - reminds me a bit of Stromae And the Spanish one. It's a bit of a scandal because the jury decided after a tie between him as jury favorite and another televoting favorite. And last but (really) not least: Italy He gets huge positive reactions and is the favorite so far. But of course many songs are still to come. I like it, it's positive and upbeat, he has a lot of charisma and it doesn't have the same boring I'm-In-Love/I'm-So-Sad-After-Separation-lyrics.
  10. DerMoment1608

    Eurovision 2017

    Next ballad From Finland I like it though, imho it's one that has this necessary part of specialness: it has this amazing haunting, dark feeling and the piano part is brilliant. Studio version: Live:
  11. DerMoment1608

    Eurovision 2017

    I prefered Olivia, but probably this was the best choice from the songs you got offered. At least she can sing even if this ballad is snoozy. I don't know what the BBC did though - they got offered this song and it was dismissed. Imho it's a mile better than everything today.
  12. DerMoment1608

    Eurovision 2017

    ...and on Youtube: **** We do have two other (woman-screaming-)ballads already: Albania (it'll get a revamp and will be sung in English though) Georgia: And this nice uplifting, charming, refreshing song from Belarus Studio Version: Live Version
  13. Interesting thought! You are right, it would be such a waste if he wouldn't use the orchetra.
  14. Thanks Well, I guess I'm too impatient
  15. Do we know when they'll announce which guest is on which serata?