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  1. Thanks Deb Only the whole page of the thread opens but not "on the position" of the linked entry
  2. And yet still 30 entries missing, all of them coming up in the next 2,5 weeks :shocked:
  3. We have a lot of new entries This is our entry from Germany Personally I like it, it's very generic, but I'm feeling wide and free while listening to the chorus. I'm very solely though, it gets so much negative response and "everyone" says it's bland, the chorus isn't strong, it's too vanilla... Then we have the next big bunch of female ballads Switzerland Poland Malta Hungary has choosen a ethno-song: This is the French entry - reminds me a bit of Stromae And the Spanish one. It's a bit of a scandal because the jury decided after a tie between him as jury favorite and another televoting favorite. And last but (really) not least: Italy He gets huge positive reactions and is the favorite so far. But of course many songs are still to come. I like it, it's positive and upbeat, he has a lot of charisma and it doesn't have the same boring I'm-In-Love/I'm-So-Sad-After-Separation-lyrics.
  4. Next ballad From Finland I like it though, imho it's one that has this necessary part of specialness: it has this amazing haunting, dark feeling and the piano part is brilliant. Studio version: Live:
  5. I prefered Olivia, but probably this was the best choice from the songs you got offered. At least she can sing even if this ballad is snoozy. I don't know what the BBC did though - they got offered this song and it was dismissed. Imho it's a mile better than everything today.
  6. ...and on Youtube: **** We do have two other (woman-screaming-)ballads already: Albania (it'll get a revamp and will be sung in English though) Georgia: And this nice uplifting, charming, refreshing song from Belarus Studio Version: Live Version
  7. Interesting thought! You are right, it would be such a waste if he wouldn't use the orchetra.
  8. Thanks Well, I guess I'm too impatient
  9. Do we know when they'll announce which guest is on which serata?
  10. Try the direct link of the Mp3 with save target as
  11. Some words about the gig from me, too I was there around half past 6 and went to the end of one line. (The French lines are always fascinating, in Germany we always have a big cluster ). At this time it was still sunny and hot, but while we did wait clouds came up and a couple of minutes after the doors did open it started to pour down. Really pouring down Everyone got very wet, especially as a lot of people were only wearing T-shirts. And maybe it was because of that - the crowd was very good Felt like "we are wet to the bones now anyway, so whatever, no need to act decent, just have fun" Or maybe the people in Strasbourg are just like that Anyway, it was strange (but good strange ), the seating area was so loud and even did start the "Come on stage" clapping. Normally it's the other way around. The gig was a “normal”, “basic” gig. And I mean it in the most positive way: Just about Mika, the crowd, about dancing and singing, not thinking, having fun. Not like Bercy yesterday which was more "planned" and more about the visuals and the show. And somehow that was exactly what I did need at that point. Mika was very energetic and a bit loose, had this "I'm playing around and do what comes to my mind" attitude, talked a lot (even if I only did get some bits and pieces) and I did enjoy that very much. I couldn't believe it when he went into the crowd, I would have never thought he would do it in France The Lollipop incident was so funny And I did enjoy him playing more piano again (as well as in Bercy) after he didn't really do it last year aside from the intros. And two times confetti were great, too Afterwards I met up with the other German fans and Rose & Nina. It was nice to meet you all (again) It didn't take long until he came out. Mellody has told everything already, so nothing really to add. Just saying again that it was nice to see/hear him talking to fans (for a long time). I didn't say anything, just listened, but this was nice to experience, too (especially when we told him about Mumu in German ) I'm very glad I did decide to do this gig as well after Paris as I just had a very good time
  12. Totally agree, Petra and Måns were brilliant (and I didn't like Petra that much in Malmö), very funny and entertaining, and "Love love peace peace" was one of the best intervalls ever I don't think it'll work. The juries do have flaws, but they are reducing the influence of diaspora-voting, one of the main reasons why they were introduced. I think pure televoting has even more flaws than the combined system we have now. But I do think that they may should change the selection criteria of the members of the juries.
  13. Can someone give me a short update on the fan-action? Is it still blue-white-red clothes and some blue-white-red props?
  14. Chrissie and me want to come, too, but we won't make it at 5 p.m. as our train will arrive only at this time.
  15. If anybody is interested, this is my Top 43 of this year