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  1. Mika's my space message. Hi and thank you from MIKA (in San Fran) Body: I just wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me on here over the past few months. I know exactly where the bulk of support I’ve been getting has come from. I have just received a text message telling me that the album has made number one in the UK. I am sitting here in my hotel room in San Francisco, its 3:00 am, I’m totally jet-lagged and everyone is sound asleep. Funny how things pan out. So I sit quietly elated, gorging on the junk food in the mini bar. Thank you, to all of you. Mika xx Thought i'd post it for those that not be on Mika' myspace.
  2. Hi Kelley, nice to meet you on here, have fun Mika is spreading far and wide
  3. Hmmmmm, not nice, but only to be expected and will prob happen again, there is never any accounting for taste, or lack of it, wonder if he's jumped of that 15 storey building yet, he did say it was the best thing to do, so lets hope he has.
  4. I can also do four octaves......unfortunatley all flat and out of key:blush-anim-cl: Thank god for Mika!!
  5. Sonic

    Wendi here!!

    Hi Wendi, yep 46 is young i now feel really old, but it might need some if us more mature ones to keep these young whipper snappers in line
  6. Sonic


    Hello Emmz, come on in the water's lovely
  7. http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?client=public&GridE=-0.19873&GridN=51.49443&lon=-0.19873&lat=51.49443&place=Logan%20Place%2C%20KENSINGTON%2C%20W8&db=GB&scale=5000&search_result=Logan%20Place%2C%20KENSINGTON%2C%20W8〈=&db=GB&keepicon=true It's here
  8. How well do you know the area around earls court?
  9. There is no way I feel disloyal to Mr Bulsara, many performers have been liken'd to him, it is predominately the media that try to associate peoples styles or vocal abilities to the great man. Mika is a flamboyant individual, yes that is a similarity but is also a requirement to be a great performer. Many people are influanced by other artists, thats the way the music business works. Mika does not copy or try to imitate he is an individual artist in his own right. There is no way anyone should feel disloyal, if you do then think of the other artists out there that are very similar, if you are a green day fan and listen to my chemical romance are you disloyal to green day??? Queen are Queen:band:, Freddie was Freddie:harp: and Mika is Mika PS Freddie passed away on my wedding aniv and i still pop by logan place each year on that date
  10. Queen Absentee Belle and Sabastien Magic Numbers Fratellis SLF Gemma Hayes Claire Toomey and soooooooo many more :thumb_yello:
  11. Milky appears in the video for Blur’s Coffee and TV, which was created by Garth Jennings for Hammer & Tongs. I think he's kind of a funky little fellow.
  12. I saw the hair thought it all appeared a bit darker on screen than i remember on the day. Was background talker when the interviews were on. Mika did come across well, modest, humourous, well mannered but we all know he didn't hit the high piano note every time, ah the luxury of VT editing Well done Mika and the audiance
  13. I was there on tuesday too, and it was an amazing day. Mika is such a nice guy, very pleasant to talk to and a great sense of humour too. Got my promo copy of grace kelly signed with his little crown drawing too.
  14. Just pm'd you, I first saw Queen in 1975 at what as then the hammersmith odeon then on the 1986 tour, following the success of live aid, at knebworth and wembley and again in canada and the freddy tribute concert at wembley. I am looking a my signed freddie phot beside the computer, so great a loss.
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