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  1. hey im a mikagroupie cant i be gropie
  2. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyy hello wooooooooooooooooooo
  3. hello gothy how are your balrogs
  4. hello welcome to the board
  5. me too have PMd you lady
  6. excellent **rubs hands together**
  7. and another one to add to the basket
  8. i have in deed liz mmm liz who loves muse <--- is it the muse man in your avatar
  9. yes thats what i meant i always get it wrong i said to ma friend earlier have you heard mika i love gracejones and she was like yes ive heard mika and its grace kelly tahnx sisterjane
  10. oh goodness look at all the scissrhood fans in here hehehe ok other artists mmm well scissor sisters gossip <--- although beths comment was not very nice Dolly parton <---we all like country dont we really Depeche mode kylie cher how could i forget bowie (im wearing a tshirt with it on) there are so many more
  11. hello all in mika land my names Glitzy, a friend of yummyme's i no him from the scissorhood. ive recently been relly loving Gracekelly so asked yummyme to send me the link for the 'mikahood' im addicted to my scissor sisters but i real think mika is soooooo different in such an awesome way so a big hello **waves** <----- thats so me hehehe Glitzy (thanks yummyme)
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