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  1. yeh we have!!!! okay lets start it off: apparently..... yes thats the first word. did you ever just say full stop when you couldnt think of anything lol
  2. theres a video clip of the scissor sisters at the brits if you go and investigate youtube. The porformance was SOOOO funny i couldnt stop laughing honestly!!!!
  3. methinks lollipop is better than grace kelly
  4. I put lollipop on my phone the other day and I went into school with it on, and I was sat in my friends form room, and this lad walked in and he said what's that so I said oh it's MIKA and then he started dancing to it which made me laugh, and now he keeps calling me 'strange music girl' but i know he likes it otherwise he wouldn't have danced to it so nyahhhh. AND I told someone else in my maths class to get some MIKA downloaded, he said he already had grace kelly and he liked it, and the next day he said: 'I downloaded a MIKA song' so I said 'Oh yeh which one' so he said 'billy something' so I said ' BILLY BROWN!!! Its good isnt it?? ' To which he said 'it's wierd' hmmmm and I have converted my friend, she now has 5 songs on her mp3 all by MIKA woohoooooooo. I need to convert more people
  5. I agree, I think they both sound completely different however............ They both are ace, im SOOOO glad they were released in different years, 2006 the year of Tah Dah//2007 the year of life in cartoon motion woooooooooopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:partytime2:
  6. Ha ha thats like me and my cousin, only for the scissor sisters because they have been out longer, so she has gotten used to the songs. She's 8 and she knows i dont feel like dancing of by heart, and most of she's my man, my grandma and my mother dont really thank me for it, when were both singing along in the car. she's my man and we have all the balls we need Now im going to do it with MIKA only his songs aren't as filthy so I suppose it's okay
  7. Bought mine from morissons straight after school. I am in love with this album, And i adore Lollipop, im going to put it on my phone as soon as posible, after my phone has charged up
  8. Before Mika went in the charts I tried to get my friends to listen to him and the were like errr no. And they thought I was wierd. Now he's in the charts they were like, it's growing on me. Result!!!! And my dad just said ' i liked grace kelly, because it was original, and didn't sound like all the other songs that are in the charts' Then I made him listen to, Billy brown, Relax and Love Today, And he just said ' Now there all starting to sound the same' lol
  9. it's deffinatly different to the original. I like listening to other people trying to make other peoples songs their own, god that sounded really quite bitchy, what I meant was, I like the way people have different inturpritations of a sound, and how they can change it to make it their own. However this version does sound quite boring, lifeless, and uncatchy which is a total contrast to the original, so yes they have changed it. Totally. Okay it's starting to annoy me now, but that kind of music does. And if he likes it that's okay. But nothing beats the originals, EVER!!!!! okay
  10. [quote name='artstudio54'][B]The Great Danny Elfman![/B] I told [B]MIKA[/B] p.p.s. This is a good looking forum. The mikasounds.com site should pull a lief out of Sunny Monkeys Book on how to run a fan club site. [INDENT] [/INDENT][/QUOTE] I dont think ive even looked at the official forum ive been on the website of course just not the forum..........hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........
  11. The design that has been posted, I can finealy see it and.........WOW!!! well done you!!!!
  12. Welcome, to all the fun lol (p.s the games are addictive, dont even go on them or you WILL be hooked forever)
  13. mizzshears


    Hi!!! Welcome to the boards MIKA is playing at your night!!!!!!! I think you should invite us all
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