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  1. Great Prestation! The version of "Aux champs elysée" is really mad This guy has something more than other pop singer now Mika rocks!
  2. Like you say! I've heard for first time Mika on french radio,Europe 2 (Nagui's radio) He's conquering the world
  3. There is another mix of Grace Kelly but I don't heard it MIKA “grace Kellyâ€Â(Tom Neville remix) Casablanca records http://www.myspace.com/tomneville Here! Not bad but so far of original What do you think about it?
  4. In fact the majority is on my myspace:) [HTML]http://www.myspace.com/vienscheztoi[/HTML]
  5. Mika is also on my Myspace! People gonna move his body! myspace.com/vienscheztoi
  6. Zdrasvoï! Kak Dlia?! Nice to meet you! Mika is traveling all over the world,really nice for him Have fun on the board
  7. Hey welcome on the board! there is more and more french people here,it's nice! have fun
  8. Hye everybody! My name is Mathieu,I'm 18 I'm from Lyon in France,and I'm really happy to be here. Mika is just awesome,his voice,his style,he's got all to have a big popularity in France. I apologize if there's some mistakes Bye
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