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  1. Hi Sou, welcome to the madhouse!!!
  2. Sorry if this has already been suggested (I'm trying to get some work done!), but have you considered working via donations? No idea how much you would get though!
  3. Hi there Jay and welcome! I've got to the point where the music is permanently 'on' in my head, whether or not the CD is playing!
  4. Hey, great interview! And thanks for putting up for free for us all to read! It's curious how he talks about the person and artist as almost being 2 different people - he seems to have his life clearly partitioned into 2 separate domains. I'm not sure how that really works as a singer-songwriter, especially with Mika, where his character appears to be imprinted in every bar of the music; perhaps it does if you don't court publicity through your private life, and let your performances do the talking. I'm also thrilled to hear he has negotiated a deal that gives him artistic freedom - so hopefully we will see many more great and original songs come from him.
  5. I'm gonna be there! I've got seated tickets, but I can't seem to keep my feet under control when listening to Mika, so maybe I should have got stalls!! Anyone going dressed outrageously?
  6. I think in cultures like here in the UK people like to look externally for beauty, but a few look within where the real beauty lies...
  7. Kata, Dont worry - I get exactly what you're saying. Didn't mean to sound too serious there! (I just get like that when I feel passionately about something!) Peace ...
  8. I sure hope he does. Apart from the publicly voted categories, who actually decides who gets what?
  9. I don't think anyone should be negative or rude about bringing the topic up... However, my opinion is that if this were a public forum in a workplace, would you think it appropriate to discuss a colleage's sexuality, or if you are younger, would it be right to discuss another pupil or teachers sexuality on a school forum? So, why do we think that a pop star's life suddenly becomes public property?
  10. "Should I bend over, should I look older, just to be put on your shelf" Just sums up the music industry nicely
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