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  1. I hope they'll tell us ALL about Mika's appearance on the show
  2. got magazines and posters, just to let you know. thanks again!

  3. He's not a vegetarian. I've personally seen him eat meat. He does have a low salt diet, though (he doesn't add salt to anything and he requests his food to be cooked without added salt).
  4. Mika will be on The Ellen DeGeneres show on October 22nd (as in: the show airs on the 22nd, I'm not sure if it's taped on the same day).
  5. It's going to be in a couple of weeks, in the 2nd half of October.
  6. In my original review it said that I See You was 'een klein beetje Justin Timberlake-achtig' which rougly translates into 'sounds a little bit Justin Timberlake-ish', I guess. But the originel text must have been edited and then translated into English. Anyway: the beat and the way he does the falsetto vocals on this song kind of reminded me of JT a little bit. It's obviously not exactly the same or a rip-off or anything... There are just some similarities. I'm glad you guys liked my interview by the way Mika was very nice, but of course I've talked to hem a lot before. Which is why I knew Calvin Harris is in his mobile phone (I once sat next to him as he was texting Calvin). The questions about his sexual preference weren't the very last questions that I asked by the way. I asked them about halfway through the interview, and then at the end I asked him about Lady Gaga and who he'd like to work with. I knew we only had like 15 minutes so I wanted to get the 'important' questions first
  7. Ouch. The translation of that cd review is pretty bad. I wish I would have been able to check that before it went to print
  8. Ok guys, this is the cheapest and fastest thing I could come up with. Once again, the interview (as well as other parts of the magazine) are in Dutch AND English, so you'll be able to read it Dutch residents: Please use this link to order the magazine or grab a free copy at the nearest gay bar: http://magshopbc6dc48b743dc5d013b1abaebd2faed2.sellvia.nl/meerinfo.aspx?editie=23356 EU residents: You can order a copy of the magazine for € 6,68 (price includes priority shipping + free poster*). Non-EU residents: You can order a copy of the magazine for € 9,30 (price includes priority shipping + free poster*). If you're interested, send me a PM and I'll send you the payment details; you can pay via bank transfer, I'll give you the IBAN and Bic/swift codes for the publisher of the magazine. Magazines will be sent out after I've received payment. Sorry we don't have an option to pay with Paypal or creditcard. * while supplies last
  9. Yeah, the magazines are available The magazine is bil-lingual. You can read the full interview (and a lot of the other articles) in Dutch AND English That sucks that they only ship to The Netherlands. Let me try and figure out a solution for that...
  10. Yeah, they still have it listed as 'sold out' because they still haven't received their stock. Stupid stupid site. Hopefully it'll be available later today. I'll keep checking
  11. Hello! Do you have any G&N Mika Posters left?

    Cheers, kira

  12. That's 10! Congrats, AnnaMariaPetra, Droopsy, BangBangLou, IngievV, lindemfc, robertina, FREDDIESDOUBLE, beckster22, mellody and DANI56!
  13. Hah noooooo All of our envelopes are white. We also have a couple of subscribers (mostly people who don't live in a city where they can pick up the magazine for free) and some of the specifically asked them if we could send the magazine in a plain white envelope because their parents/roommates don't know they're gay.
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