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    I'm choosing life until I find something smarter to do :)
  1. Hi… :)


    I know I haven’t been on mfc for a long time, but I realised that, that was mean of me… and that I like it here too much :P

    Please read the message that I posted on my wall, it says sorry basically xD


    Cat :wub2:

  2. I'm sorry I was gone for so long... :tears: How was you Birthday? Good? Great?! :thumb_yello:


    I got busy with study...I won't let that happen again!! :)


    How have you been? :huglove:

  3. Happy birthday sweetie!! :huglove:


  4. 947d1303404304-happy-birthday-aisha4212002-happy-birthday-balloons-1-.gif


    Hope you will have a wonderful day:wink2:

    Miss you:huglove:

  5. awww, so so so happy for you!! :huglove: sounds so perfect :wub2: Please don't worry about that he'll find "someone better looking" :huglove: Really, when I see pics on Facebook of you, you're such a pretty girl!!

    When I'm with my friends I always have the feeling I'm super-ugly. But doesn't every girl think that? :wink2: Please don't worry about that sweetie! :huglove: He loves YOU so why should he choose someone else? Wishing you two the best and a beautiful future together :wub2:

    gotta go, piano class :( don't like it anymore (the lessons, not the piano playing itself). the plays are sooooo boring :P but it's almost june and in summer piano classes stop for a while.

    Love ya!!

  6. cannot wait :aah: Counting the days for London :biggrin2: This year we're going to "Langenfeld", I've seen many parts of Austria already but never been in Vienna yet. Wanna go there too one day :wub2: awww and Barcelona also sounds great :wub2: So happy that you can go!! my sister says it's a beautiful city, she went there last year!

    festivalsummer is coming! :D I never have so much fun as I have on festivals or gigs, really. Then I'm really going crazy :naughty: And afterwards you feel like you're walking on clouds /emoticons/default_sad116.gif" alt=":sad:" />

    woops, I was talking about my stalker there, but I wasn't clear enough, sorry! :aah:

    I'm quite a social person and I always wanna talk to everyone, but when it comes to boys it's harder :aah: when I like someone I just can't act normal I :naughty:

  7. Government Hooker, hooker She wrote her heart prayer Pull the trigger off And shape sounds of her sister I'm gonna drink my tears tonight I'm gonna drink my tears and cry 'Cause I know you love me baby Government Hooker, Hooker, Heart to heart prayer, She faked pulling the trigger Daddy, mommy has made a crigger
  8. I have an irritating acne in the middle of my face and nothing can hide it, even the high quality powder. I hate my skin
  9. Yes I am really happy :wub2: no, he doesn't live far from me, he's pretty much in my neighbourhood. He's good looking, smart, 7 years older than me, funny, energic and I've simply found everything I've been looking for so long /emoticons/default_sad116.gif" alt=":sad:" /> I do everything I can to keep my body in shape, but it needs plenty of hard work and time to bring it to perfecy. Also I have to wear make-up everytime I go out with him, because when I have no make-up, I look too pale :sad:


    Hope you had a great time for the holidays! Love ya xxxxxxx

  10. Omg, that will be an amazing summer!! :boing: yeah, expensive one though, but of course you'll never regret it! :) and where in Austria do you exactly go? I was in Vienna for three times, it was amazing! :wub2: I'm going with my pals this summer to Barcelona, I'm pretty excited, I've actually travelled whole my life only through West Europe, never had a chance to go to south!


    Yeah, I love festivals too :wub2: summertime, great crew, cool music, terrific vibes. You should be an idiot when not loving that kind of athmosphere


    Oh, yeah, it's pretty embarassing to see someone you like when not expecting it! And especially when you don't exactly know how your face looks at the moment :naughty: of course you'll meet someone, there're plenty of guys out there waiting to be met! :) and you're young, whole life's in front of you! :) just relax, live your life, be self-confident and widen the circle of people you know! It always helps.

  11. I couldn't believe it yesterday! I was there at the party, dancing and suddenly I saw him and he waved, I waved back (not very enthusiastic I suppose + I don't know the look on my face :naughty:) but he just walked away again!

    awww, that's true. One day I'll meet someone I hope ...

    *part 2*

    Really?? Awww how sweet!! although you didn't pass your exam because of that :naughty: You must be so happy :wub2: Does he live far from you? :)

    I'm off, time for bbq!! Have a nice Easter!! :huglove:

    Kisses! :huglove:

  12. ah, those stupid exams :sad: Good luck next time then ;)

    Enjoying the sun and partying, sounds good :biggrin2: So looking forward to the summer, gonna be weired 'cause I'll have to go working. But booked my trip to London & Austria + 2 festivals (gonna see Mika again!! :boing::wub2:) (expensive summer :aah: but otherwise I'll regret it and you only live once)

    Oh, Jamiroquai! Don't know many songs, but it's cool that you're going!! Will be so worth saving the money :wub2: I LOVE gigs & festivals!

    OneRepublic was soooo good! Really enjoyed the concert! Even made some videos, gonna upload them on youtube :)

    Happy Easter :huglove: I'm also spending it with family, we're having a family barbecue :) The first one of the year!

  13. Oh, well, get better soon! :huglove: and hope you'll do your exams well and that you'll be healthy when they come :biggrin2:

  14. I've influenza!:aah:


    Haha, yes i've been there too... feels like your are going to die!:aah:

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