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  1. I know I am grasping at straws but I really need to get 3 tickets for tonight in Newcastle. Any spare at face price? Thanx PS Mika's PA Alex has got her phone switched off
  2. Well I have threw my name into the hat and entered aswell
  3. Cannot be 100% sure but I think I heard or read that Brian May is one of Mika's biggest fans and has said to him, "you are not like freddie, nobody ever could be, but you certainly have something that freddie had and that is apparent in so few performers" He has a sparkle and charisme on stage in my opinion to match Freddie's and yes I have seen both perform live. Mika has something that even freddie did not have and that is the one thing I can not name, it is just there whatebver it is. Mika is going to be around for a very long time IMHO and that can only be a good thing for real music like Queen played. It carries that to the future generations and as pointed out in this thread, the audience is always in a boyent mood before he appears on stage, but when those lights go blue and the relax intro starts, it reaches fever pitch and gives so much of an adrenaline rush, you want that moment to last forever:thumb_yello:
  4. Martin had his family with him in Leeds and shot off in different direction to the rest with his wife and kids, cannot blame him for that, afterall he does have a new baby
  5. LOL think I can live without it Great to meet everyone there albeit belatedley, not gonna forget tickets next time lol
  6. Well I got held up in arriving at gig so missed the grp before the gig, I ended up in Uni bar while we waited for queue to go in and nothing looked out of sorts, when we left to go to gig, we saw Freddie and them talking to the Doormen, There was no abusive language or behaviour that I saw from the grp, a friend even offered them a ticket if needed lol. We got back to hotel after show and Myrik went looking for The Party, we found it with everyone asleep as it was late. Drunk people who are barred from a gig are not back in there hotel rooms asleep by midnight. We had a few drinks in freddies room and somebody scored for my bottle of whiskey lol. The drink had not been flowing that fast as the bath tub was still full of bottles and cans chilling Just thoughtg I would post this as an eye witness to the group's demeanor and behaviour before the gig. I will also post the few pics I got after the gig later
  7. OK I will bring a bottle of Whiskey, Diet Coke for the big girls hehe and some cans of lager aswell. Will also bring some food but no idea what yet
  8. well I only ticked Sunday but Myrik ticked Both so we might even get 4 tickets lol very very very much doubt that tho
  9. Finally managed to get my room booked at travelodge
  10. extract from Travelodge website :- Check in is from 3pm on the date of arrival and departure is before 12 noon on the day of departure. Travelodge will make an additional charge equivalent to one night’s stay for any room not vacated by 12 noon.
  11. not 100% sure but I think the travelodge does not let you book in until 3pm, Think I saw it on website but am trying to recheck
  12. Will have to continue list in another post as unable to edit anymore so 15. Angelic (Gill) 16. Angelics Husband (Tony) 17. Sister jane (Jane?) 18. Hannah (Hannah?)
  13. OK list is growing fast I know alot more need to be added yet and as for the rest of the band, I would not dream of forgetting them juat have to make sure there is someone or something (Me ) inbetween Freddie and Cherrise
  14. I know it is in the leeds thread aswell but this is meant to just be a list of people staying at Leeds Central
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