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  1. Hi Christine. If you pop in please drop me a PM or a message on my wall. It would be good to catch up. Hope that you and the family are well. :huglove:

  2. hi christine! i'm glad you are ok and leigh too, say hullo for me!

    i'm not into facebook at all, shame! i barely can catch up here ;-)

    huge hugs to you both and families!

    take care

  3. Hi Robertina!!! Don't know what made me visit after over a year. How are you? Still in love with Mika I see! I'm afraid I just didn't like his new album at all.... shame! I still have such great memories of those crazy days in 2007/08. Still see Leigh, she's doing fine. Are you on Facebook? You can catch me there!

  4. hey hun - saw you pop in - HI:)

  5. :bye:

    i spotted you in the oldlings! i so miss the old times, and all that excitement.

    how's leigh? do you still meet?

  6. Hello! No doubt you will drop by one day and I just wanted to wish you all good things for 2009. Hope it is a good one for you and your family. x

  7. I love lollipop! Never said I didn't like it, I have sung my heart out to that song at 3 gigs. But it IS cheesy. But as someone else said, this thread isn't actually about defining cheesiness.
  8. we'll agree to disagree then. to me, my interpretation is the opposite of cheesy, just a very, very good song. you said, 'lollipop is the perfect power pop song. People who really like and know music just KNOW that". I guess I don't really like and know music then.
  9. without question Ronan should never have returned to the fold. Not a fan, but slightly more credibility on his own. but they are both cheesey (cheesy?)
  10. I've come out of retirement just to post on this thread!! This is hysterical! We don't know the entire story, but he was so uncomfortable in that interview that there was obviously an issue there. I don't expect anyone here to agree (as you shouldn't, being mika-addicts) but Mika is not that far removed from Boyzone in the cheese stakes. Big Girl???! Lollipop??!!! Obviously you lot don't think so, but generally he is perceived as a cheese ball. Trust me. I'm not a Boyzone fan, and I know they don't write their own songs, but neither do a lot of people - Kylie, Elton, Cliff (
  11. Hi MM, Wendi, Ruth and Kath and lots of other people I've never spoken to before! Not on long...trying to book tickets for Duran Duran.. Damn, I missed the childbirth stories!
  12. I used to be fairly indifferent towards Jordan and Peter, but having watched a bit of their documentary (why? why did I do that??) and seen a clip on youtube of them making Harvey say the F word and then laughing...... I feel so sorry for those kids..
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