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  1. Hi Christine. If you pop in please drop me a PM or a message on my wall. It would be good to catch up. Hope that you and the family are well. :huglove:

  2. hi christine! i'm glad you are ok and leigh too, say hullo for me!

    i'm not into facebook at all, shame! i barely can catch up here ;-)

    huge hugs to you both and families!

    take care

  3. Hi Robertina!!! Don't know what made me visit after over a year. How are you? Still in love with Mika I see! I'm afraid I just didn't like his new album at all.... shame! I still have such great memories of those crazy days in 2007/08. Still see Leigh, she's doing fine. Are you on Facebook? You can catch me there!

  4. hey hun - saw you pop in - HI:)

  5. :bye:

    i spotted you in the oldlings! i so miss the old times, and all that excitement.

    how's leigh? do you still meet?

  6. Hello! No doubt you will drop by one day and I just wanted to wish you all good things for 2009. Hope it is a good one for you and your family. x

  7. Just had to click on the link in my signature to see us giving him the trousers!! Really glad I popped on here tonight, good times. Blue, if you are there, if you want to arrange for some of us to meet when you're over, pm me with dates etc. Would be so good to see you again. Bye all, will try to come back on soon.
  8. Let us have the dates, sure we can arrange a meet up. And promise not to have too much to drink and lie in bed all day again!!
  9. Really genuinely happy memories. I remember that feeling when he ran back on stage wearing the trousers!!!
  10. Why? Hopefully we can all arrange to meet!
  11. Hello!! I'm a real 'oldie'. Good to see so many oldlings around, have popped in a few times and see lots of new names. In the old days, there was only a few of us. Yes, Vicky, that's me in the trousers!!! I was mortified that my waist and hips were the same as Mika's!!!
  12. Blue!!! Hiya!!! It's been so long since I've been here, how is everyone?
  13. I thought it was the twenty-something-th of May so I was a bit out. Looking at the clock - we had our places at the front and were waiting with bated breath!!!
  14. Hi Wendi and everyone, didn't realise that it was a year ago today that the trousers made an appearance, and just quickly looked in. What a freaky coincidence!
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