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  1. Sam Sparro is brilliant. I loved him @ Amsterdam. ^^
  2. Hi.^^ Welkom hier enzo. Bij de club van de gestoorde Mika-addicts. x] Yay. Het is hier wel heel leuk hoor, je bent vast heel snel verslaafd aan dit forum (': Omg wat zijn we weer raar bezig vandaag. ^^' Nouja. Welkom in ieder geval XD
  3. Omgawd are you joking? *hyper* I want that dvd. <3
  4. I have no idea where I should post this, but I really want to know if there's going to be a live dvd. I really want one XD So.. I hope someone can tell me. (:
  5. Ofcourse I'm going to the concert in the Netherlands! Can't wait. <33
  6. Omg Omg Omg I'm freaking out. x] I just read that Mika is coming to Holland [11-11-2007] Heineken Music Hall A'dam. Omg I'm really hyper now. Ik wist niet of er al een topic ding was hierover, maar ik ben te hyper om te kijken
  7. Well,, I don't see it :'] Mika looks so much better. Omg I'm happy today :]
  8. I have no clue of what he'll think about me, but I can try :'] Aileen: Kinda crazy, obsessed with me, wants me to come to Holland :'] Omg, never mind :']
  9. Omg, this really made me laugh :'] So funny :'] Tamagotchi feedingtime!
  10. Wooow.. I love it. <3 The first one is awesome!
  11. Count me in. :] I don't care if he's gay or straight or whatever. He's still talented. And his music is amazing.
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