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  1. ~CC~

    Greetings from Holland :)

    inderdaad:biggrin2: en dan moet Mika wel naar Nederland komen:naughty:
  2. ~CC~

    Greetings from Holland :)

    Welcome! gezellig nog een Dutchie!
  3. ~CC~

    where's ice man???

    can't we melt him? then we can come closer to Mika too:naughty:
  4. ~CC~

    Slow down MIKA - we need you!

    Get well soon! health is the most important thing you have!
  5. ~CC~

    Requesting Pictures Thread!

    But still no red, orange, pink...etc...one:roftl:
  6. ~CC~

    New here!

    Welcome Welcome!
  7. ~CC~

    dutch fan

    Welcome Dutchie!
  8. ~CC~

    Is he a "Freddy" or a "Michael"?

    Mika is Mika...MIka doesn't dance like Micheal:roftl: so if I have to choose then I'll go for Freddie, but Mika is Mika:thumb_yello:
  9. ~CC~

    How many Mika pictures on your wall?

    my b/f will torn them of my wall:naughty: so I have nothing on my wall, pretty boring
  10. ~CC~

    Official - Dreams about MIKA thread =)

    I dreamt I deleted all the Mika picturesfrom my computer:blink: but some of you have more weird Mika dreams:blink:
  11. ~CC~


    Hello! Welcome here! We already talked:biggrin2:
  12. ~CC~

    New face in town

    Welcome to the club! nice to have another Dutchie here:thumb_yello:
  13. ~CC~

    Yep. It's happened to me now.

    hahaha, everytime I hear Mika somewhere I start smiling and singing along, or at home I ran at the radio ortelevision to get it louder:blush-anim-cl: When my mom noticed I like Mika's music she bought me his album:roll1:
  14. ~CC~

    mikas favorite color??

    I guess all the colours of the rainbow:wink2:
  15. ~CC~

    can i join in? (i swear i love mika)

    Offcourse you can join! We only want more Mika fans:biggrin2: