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  1. i love mikwqa qand thye mfc that was so funny!
  2. Ik doe mee xlindee! stomme hitkrant! (de poster is wel superleuk maar dat maakt niks goed!)
  3. hahaha. What a lovely picture! The grumpy man in the back is so funny!
  4. hi? What you're trying to do Celesteee? Maybe I can help?
  5. "Did I miss something in Love Today?" well, It's not in the clip obviously:naughty: Did you never hear Mika talk about him, Rainbow? I'm sure he's mentioned him once or twice... But here he is: NakedMan.bmp
  6. " 91% Awesome, there's not much room for improvement.":mf_rosetinted:
  7. actually...ther is another male character...but I wouldn't like to be him if I was a boy...Cuz:naughty: ...It's the naked man from Love Today!!
  8. As the title says, Mika is now Number 2 with Relax (take it easy) in the Netherlands! http://www.radio538.nl/top40.html thanks to Celesteee! You rock, girl!
  9. You can find him on mikasounds in the secret society:) But that's the only art about him, I think. He's almost never mentioned in interviews either, I've only heard one...
  10. Maybe the character from love today?? you know...the naked man...I wouldn't want to be him though! good luck with your game!
  11. It looks familiar....I've read it before...But thanks anyway!
  12. It's from the secret gig yesterday, I think. try looking in the concert and gigs section! ow here it is! http://www.2tenfm.co.uk/PhotoWallPhoto.asp?wallid=30288&id=30288
  13. hello! can somebody help me finding a bigger version of this picture? I love it because you can see a few toys of his collection behind him:biggrin2: And you can see a white piano and I'm just wondering...is that the same piano as in the picture where he's sitting on one? If it is, then that photo was taken in his apartment, right? I think it could be cuz his apartment is white... I also just noticed that the piano is identical to the one in this interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LXiNC_qzHU It really is the same piano cuz if you look closely you can see a slight damage above the first black key from the left:naughty: (I should be a detective:bleh: ) I don't know where the interview was held, does anybody? Ok, all of this may not make much sense, but I'm bored:bleh:
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