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  1. I´m just about to leave for Malmö now. I´m so exited! Right now it´s raining, but i don´t care!
  2. I was sitting in the car on my why to my driving lesson. Let´s just say that the lesson didn´t go that well because my mind was somewhere completely different:naughty:
  3. When I heard he was coming to Sweden and Malmö, I literally started screaming!I still can´t believe it! Finaly I will get to see him!! And he will only be less than an hour away!!
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKA!!! Hope you have had a nice day!
  5. Im making a chocolate cake with colorful sprinkles and spreading the Mika joy and happiness to everyone! This event is for me almost bigger than my own birthday:naughty: The only thing that will be missing from my Mika celebration is Mika himself to cut the cake and eat it....
  6. Just Listning Is Mindplowing>!!! Relax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. TOI TOI TOI MIKA!!! I will be there cheering for you *in my head*
  8. The gig from koko is on vh1 at nine today:thumb_yello:
  9. I love Regina Spektor, she makes me smile:thumb_yello:
  10. I didn´t know who he was first, but then it suddenly hit me that he was the coach in the movie "bend it like beckham":naughty:
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