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  1. that's so weird about the name! my name is michelle, but my nickname since 4th grade was mitch until i was 17 and then it turned into 'meeka' and it's been meeka ever since...crazy!
  2. your mom knew how to get vip seating? i didn't even know it existed...hmm...i don't like that...i'd love to get into the after party - parties are good times!
  3. no clue - how do you get vip seating?
  4. overrated...i don't know what it was about this song but...wow...it pretty much ripped my heart out, threw it on the ground, stomped on it a few times, then backed over it with a car, and then stomped on it some more. and then by the end of the song, it had put my heart back in only so it could rip it out again to stomp on it even more...i really like this song guys...i really do.
  5. don't feel bad!!! i'm sure you'll get to meet him at some point! he's probably feeling bad about not being able to meet you yet
  6. I LOVE MY PURPLE SHOES!!! everybody (and when i say everybody, i mean EVERYBODY) at work got to see and hear about my purple shoes today! i love them. i honestly love them. it's coming from my heart and not my...head...(just a little olivia newton-john for ya there). everyone at work was very happy that i was able to find them. but i tell ya, it just shouldn't be that difficult to find purple shoes! and people shouldn't give you weird looks when you ask for purple shoes. whatever. i love them.
  7. so sometimes i forget that i'm a part of a fan club...and i was reminded of this yesterday when i logged into this wonderful club of ours and saw this little message saying something to the effect of, "you haven't posted or done anything at all for a really long time...would you like to actually do something for once?" (ok, so obviously those weren't the exact words, but you get the idea). i felt kinda bad about it. i've never done the whole fan club thing for anything or anyone before, so i'm just not used to this yet. sorry guys! so i decided to do something about it - post a thread of my own! and after about 20 minutes of trying to figure out how to actually do this (i feel kinda dumb), here it is! my thread! and i've decided to ask everybody a question. i know this has probably been done before, but i missed out on that. so...here's the question: How did we get to be Mika fans? and here's my answer - it was this past february (i think) and i was riding in my friend tiffany's car. she had just gotten a few new songs from iTunes and put on 'grace kelly.' i ended up giggling through the whole thing. it was different and i just wasn't expecting that falsetto (it's great...and sorry if i spelled 'falsetto wrong...not sure...oh well...). we played it again and i couldn't stop laughing. it just made me happy. then tiffany played 'love today' and the happy laughing started all over again. i decided that this guy mika would be put on the list of people to play when i'm riding in tiffany's car...and didn't think much more of it. well...needless to say, i though a whole lot more of it and now i've met him twice (going for a third time this june) and i'm also working to get his music on tv. (i work on the showtime series, "weeds," and i've gotten them to love him (wasn't difficult). i've already gotten one of his songs on the 'want list' for this coming season - i won't reveal the song and NOTHING is set yet, so please don't get horribly excited - and i've also contacted his managers about getting him to record a cover of the 'weeds' title song, 'little boxes' to hopefully to played at the beginning of one of the episodes - again, NOTHING is set with that one either, so pleeeeease don't get excited...nothing's happening right now). all i know is, he's a nice person, his music is fun and different, and if i can help him out in any way, i'll do it... ok, that's my story (sorry it was so long)...what's yours?
  8. you know, hotels want you to take that stuff. and it's not stealing...it's "re-locating"...we could even go as far as to call it "long term borrowing". that's all. personally, i find myself "re-locating" the pens and those little pads of paper with the hotel's logo on them. i've got quite the collection.
  9. hey, we'll have to go see him on the 8th together - good times!
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