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  1. nere

    Happy birthday!!!:wink2:

  2. DuMika

    helloooo:) látom magyar vagy ezért neked is írok,hogy gyere át a másik thread-re ami út suzie indótott,mert ott is csak magyarok vannak a neve: calling all hungarians majd megtalálod...pápá

  3. Well,I don't know who is she,and...I don't really want to.I'm happy if he has a girlfriend (or a boyfriend,or anything...never mind!),I just love to see him happy...And that's the point.And he must have some secrets in his private life. (for example: do we know anything about his dad?Yeah,his american,but that's all what we surely know,I think) And I'm sure I'll love him,and his music,even if he have/had anything bad in his life. (hope you'll understand me,and my bad english... )
  4. You are so talented!! I love your drawings people... Well,I have a drawing,but please don't laugh!! I can't draw...
  5. I agree I like her and I wondering about their duet...crazy... Well...maybe Joss Stone (It would be crazy,too...) or Bono (I love U2 ) And...I don't know...
  6. Welcome Marie! I love writing long messages,too...Just not in english So...hope you'll write a lot long message!!And hope you'll have fun here!!
  7. Rox

    pool try

    I voted for his hair...But it is so hard for me,because I love Mika as a whole,if you understand what I want to say His persionality,eyes,hair,voice,smile,hands,everything...
  8. "Ok!!I yield myself!!But please,don't take my tamagotchi away!!!You can do anything,but please...let me keep my tama!!" "Yes!!I can squint!!" *Let's try it out!!If Mika do it,we have to try it! * "Mommy!!!My belly is hurts!!" "Oh,look!!There's a big elephant next to me!!Maybe it escaped from the zoo...Let's hug it!" Well...sorry for my bad english,and sorry because I'm not a good captionmaker...
  9. Yes,I was the first in my group.(But I've picked no in the poll... I'm just too tired...) I converted two of my classmates ,but they aren't obsessives,like me...they're quite like his music,I think.I'm really happy because I was the first,and all my friends know that I'm a fanatic...And I'm going to see him with my friend...I'm sooo exciting!!
  10. I really love this thread!! You're so funny and creative!! I wish I have creativity... Well...maybe next day I'll try to make a caption!!
  11. No,I don't have them But I want to get them till August... because I'm going to a Mika concert ( ) and I want to wear braces
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