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  1. You are qualified to join the Oldlings now ;-)

  2. to good to be true this one needs a caption if only i had the time:teehee:
  3. i love your avatar! loki :das:

  4. Happy Birthday



  5. Happy birthday :)

  6. Dilek :bye: I missed you :sad:

  7. hi!how r u?!

    i want to know can i join this turkish group?i know a little turkish:teehee:

    wish MIKA visit Turkey,then maybe i could come!:naughty:

  8. She was a great talent and poet. she had a unique voice and I AM A FAN. i'm sad there isn't going to be more songs like "he can only hold her" as for her being irresponsible and reckless; addiction is a tough battle, not only psychologic. You can't always beat it with support and good spirit. if you didn't go through that phase your opinion on this matter is invalid, you can only assume.
  9. Dilekcan! Nasilsin iyi misin?:wub2:

  10. Happy Birthday :huglove:



  11. haha! yok yahu ne ablası dilek diyebilirsin:)

  12. Hoşbuldum Dilek abla :)

    Abla dedim ama yan tarafta doğum tarihini gördüm de :$ :)

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