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  1. Awwww thanks for the code, I did buy a ticket too
  2. The venue says there are no tickets available though. I’m a sad Londoner now 🙁
  3. You’re right, there are some details that don’t match with mother/child love (for example the wedding bands they are wearing) and, for me, the song talks about a romantic relationship too! I hope Mika will enlighten us somehow!
  4. When I first saw the video I was thinking about a mother and son kind of love, where the mum gives part of her life for the son and the son also tries so hard to please her and be what she wanted him to be. But now I read the idea of the 9th Penniman’s generation theory and it’s very interesting! Anyway, in my mind, the video doesn’t match the song yet, LOL!
  5. Glad you can’t hear the word condom there Thanks Deb, that definitely makes more sense 👍
  6. Tanti auguri :flowers2:

    1. Sarina


      Awww thank you so much ❤️

  7. I still can't believe this...David was always so kind and funny, clever man, always polite with me. I loved our chat on twitter, he had always a good word for me. I will never forget you David, RIP
  8. me neither! I'm happy Ida will be on stage too! Can't wait! It's getting closer! YAY!
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