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  1. I downloaded Hot and Cold the other day, it's well good!
  2. OMG McFly are the best band on the entire planet!! Glad I found a McFly thread on here, especially after not being on MFC for such a long time =O Hahaha I saw that programme, it was on Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway lol. I was so incredibly jealous of that women, Dougie got red pen on her table! And served her in McDonalds haha "you get a free massage with that burger"! Classic. Got all of their albums and seen 'em in concert 5 times, anyone who hasn't heard of them: you are missing out!
  3. Good idea... Ticketline are good too. But what I don't get is... Ticketline are part of Way Ahead... and SeeTickets are also part of that... so how can one be so good and the other be so useless?! Gah my tickets better be there when I get home from school or I'll scream!
  4. I hate those ebay people! We got really bad tickets for Boyzone, yet the day after they went on sale, there were FRONT ROW BOYZONE TICKETS advertised all over ebay for hundreds of pounds... It's like, us real fans are on the phones all day and end up with crappy, almost back row tickets! I know, I really feel for Tia. Hope she manages to get sorted out!
  5. They better be telling the truth this time lol! Cos they told us that they were sent on Tuesday and that we'd all have em by 1pm yesterday! I hope ours were delivered yesterday (so they come today...) cos mums not gonna be in tomorrow to sign for them! Whyyy does it have to be so stressful?!
  6. OMG why does it rain everytime I see Mika?! It did in May too lol, I got soaked! *brainwave* maybe I haven't grown out of my Lollipop Girl dress... maybe the rain shrank it! (Wishful thinking...lol)
  7. Glad to hear everyones tickets are arriving! Aaaah I hope mine have come! I'm at school at the mo, so can't find out until 3.30... (God I remember that feeling from the competition back in May haha!) Can't even text mum cos they put these stupid signal blocker things around school Do they realise how stessed they make me?! Must be optimistic... they WILL be there when I get home!
  8. Aaah typical all that fuss last night about my Geog hw and my teacher wasn't even there today so I needn't have bothered doing it! Doncaster tickets aren't here yet either! What an annoying day...
  9. Oooh happy birthday!! Sorry the news wasn't true lol, SeeTickets are liars! 1pm and STILL nothing...
  10. Argh STILL no tickets! The people at SeeTickets lied to us! 1pm today... yeah right. They better be here tomorrow or I'll be really annoyed.
  11. Actually I think I'm gonna go to bed now! (Just had the brainwave that I have a free period tomorrow and Geog isn't til last lesson, yay!) Night everyone! xxxxx
  12. Haha. I have an excuse for bein up late tonight. I havent finished my homework yet. *cough* cos I haven't been doin it *cough*
  13. Tireeeeed. And should be doin Geography work haha. Oh well.
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