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  1. well since you have atleast some hope and we have none....well it leads me to building it myself
  2. I love that toilet...we should have those here as well on our big occasions..not some green and ugly ones - and it really tempts to use it, you know...
  3. myky

    New here!

    Welcome to MFC Natalie and have alot of fun around here
  4. Welcome to MFC and hope you'll love it here and we're mostly all HUGE fans around here
  5. yeah, that's my second choice because he really does say it good
  6. KERCHINNNNG!!!!!!! :thumb_yello:
  7. I love the chair his standing on (and not because he's standing on it :roftl: it's a beautiful chair!)
  8. I've never seen it before...make yourself louder because I want that one too!!! so: HAS ANYONE GOT IT BIGGER??????? http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=1836&d=1179242895
  9. Welcome to MFC and have a great time here
  10. Welcome to MFC Raquel and I love Lollipop too
  11. Welcome to MFC Patti and I must say you have one amazing name: Patricia Angela Serrano..mine is about two times shorter and if you claim to be in love with Mika then this is just the right place for you :thumb_yello:
  12. Welcome Megan and enjoy it here!
  13. 6 places??? that's a bit hard... :blink:
  14. Welcome to MFC and as I said earlier - he will be great and popular in the US as well...
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