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  1. Oh wow seriously! Twice!!! ahahaha that is hilarious! You could get a superiority complex from that.
  2. Thanks so much everyone for all the incredible and wonderful reports! Mirtilla and Ana - congrats on being Big Girls! That would scare me to death too but you did awesome and looked beautiful. I thought I had followed this thread pretty thoroughly but I am missing what happened to Cassie in Love Today! Anyone care to elaborate a bit?
  3. Ohhh WOW!!!! What a fantabulous amazing story. I can't even believe it. He changed lots of our lives, but he literally reached in and CHANGED yours!! I am so super glad for you that you are doing what you love and are incredible at. And he keeps informed - that makes me a little teary. I would love to see more of your art. I have to go back to bed for a bit (couldn't sleep) but when I get up, I will be checking out your Myspace. I hope it has lots of your art!
  4. SHHHEEEEEEEEEESH! That is unbelievable!! You must be an artist for a living?!
  5. Aww man! I was going to guess a Tibetan Monk (from near the Himalayas) but the furry dancing girl has me stumped! ... A Panda Monk... a Punk!
  6. Oh wow - that is a total copy!!! I hope they have the rights to it.
  7. I've never seen this either! THANKS for sharing it again Suzy! :thumb_yello: Oh how much can I relate to this!??! ... "It was an amazing two days, it was the kind of happy feeling that can only depress a person, because it was a bliss that couldn’t possibly sustain itself. Certainly, I went to bed ecstatic. I woke up joyful. By lunch time I was….. happy, the afternoon I was ok, night time….. I seemed to be nearly suffocating in negative emotion. Maybe Mika did me more harm than good, because he provided the kind of unreal experience that can only make one worry will never come again. One flew east, one flew west, one fell south and slept….depressed. "
  8. LOL! I vote for that choice hehee - that would be perfect! Actually I voted for assigned seating. No surprise here, I also have a very hard time standing for too long and then add to that the people pressing in and crushing us like crazy. I can't imagine sitting for a whole Mika concert but it would be nice to have the space and to be able to wait in your seat, plus the waiting forever in line thing is too much for me too. It is a tough one though because I love the small venues too.
  9. Here's a bunch of videos from Garth and Jennifer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hiyall, Jen's hubby, Garth, here again. I've notice many of you have found my videos, but here's the whole list of what I've uploaded yesterday/today. Loved the spot we were in, we saw his face the whole time. Sure wish we could do it all over again! Grace Kelly Relax Sound Check Band Intro (they were incredible too!) "Instead of canceling the show like my insurance company would have preferred I'd done, we decided to have a little fun instead." Grace Kelly Sound Check Everybody's Talking Pre-show Meet-n-Greet Holy Johnny Accident Any Other World And this one is excellent too: Some are repeats.... Also cchristy's are Char's on youtube and they are really good. Here is Hilary's Everybody's Talkin' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84bOX4vFHeI&feature=related OK, I'm off to bed! G'nite!
  10. Hi Scut, GK Encore- He says: (This is from Char on Youtube) "We are going to write some thank you letters to Mother Nature." "Quite Frankly, I've had more fun this way anyway." "You're Loud!" He had to keep telling us to be quiet because we were so loud. "You know, we're actually quite stumped. We don't really know what else to play." And then later, he says there's this one note on GK that he never gets right but that night he got right for the first time in 6 mos. Whenever they do it on the radio, Luke comes over and does it so then Luke comes and does it then. (Mika lifts up his hands.) I love his smiles there. And then he hits his face on the mic -- again hehe! ET was purely delicious. And SITM was amazing! Yes there are a few more vids so check'em out!
  11. Oh yeah it was AMAZING!!! Here's a link to A. Clay's long list that she put together from this thread of youtube vids and the photos. http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1192308&highlight=A.+Clay#post1192308 Enjoy!!
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