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  1. God I'd love it if he had a tattoo - I think they're tasty (when done in taste of course!) I have two: a frog on my right shoulder blade and a llama on the base of my spine. My partner designed the llama one for me and I designed the frog. I'm desperate for another but am still working on a design... decisions decisions!!
  2. I hope that too... I love some of his covers, especially Sweet Dreams, so it'd be nice to have a mixture of stuff from LICM, covers and possibly a new track? Damn, just let him do all the performances for the whole show!!
  3. Personally, I'd love to see a medley! Ending with Grace Kelly as that's up for an award... I'm sure it'll be fantastic whatever he does!!
  4. My partner and I got VIP tickets to the Somerset House gig last year and I was chatting to Mika's Mum... when we walked away, my partner was like, "do you normally talk to random people?!"... but then he saw who I can only assume is Mika's brother (a very tall, skinny chappy the spit of Mika) and worked it out! His Mum was lovely and you can see where he gets his manners from! They were both enjoying the popcorn too!!
  5. Well thanks!! It's just one of those mysteries that doesn't need to be solved!
  6. Very true... us who've "been there, done that" can say it's lust! But I also understand it's all part of the teenage angst to have a crush on a celebrity that you just can't have. I also agree with Indigo's point that all most of the people on here know of Mika is from what we've read. I've been lucky enough to have a conversation with him (and I feel very lucky that he took the time to chat with me and my partner), but that doesn't mean I know him any better than before... he was just a pleasant guy... which we already knew!
  7. I'll be his cooking slave... but it'd have to be veggie stuff as I don''t eat meat or fish!! Give it a go Mika!!
  8. I couldn't agree more. It's one thing to be a fan, but entirely another ball game to be obsessed - as I think the original poster may be. When I was younger, there were loads of celebrities that I would love to have run off with... obviously didn't happen, but it didn't do me any harm to think they might. I think I was able to distinguish between fantasy and reality which was the key. I'm happily in a relationship and have been for 8 years, but it doesn't stop me dribbling over Johnny Depp or my partner fancying Christina Ricci - it's just natural! It's when these things interfere with "normal life" that it gets out of hand. Yeah, it's nice to have these fantasies, but you mustn't pin all your hopes on them... as they are just fantasies.
  9. I wasn't talking about Mika being picky with TV shows, I was talking about Graham and how he has nothing to do with the final cut of his own show. I know what you mean about appearing on shows that showcase Mika's musical talent, and this is why I'm so miffed at So! for cutting so much of Relax out! I was chatting to Mika and one of his mates after the show about Patrick Wolf as my sister was his tour manager at the time of the Somerset House gig - I think he's an idiot, Mika's mate didn't seem to enthralled and neither did Mika. My sister agrees that it's a case of the big green eyed monster with Patirck... maybe if he did his thing and that was it instead of calling people names (including his own fans), he might have a bit more coverage instead of being known as "that w@nker that slagged off Mika through jealousy" (as he's known in my house).
  10. I still have no idea as to why they cut him out - not just the interview, but so much of "Relax" too. The people in the editing suite clearly have something wrong with them! I do know that the director and producer both like his music and that Graham only has people on the show that he likes and finds interesting, but ultimately it seems he's not involved in the final cut, just the scripts and guest choices. I still can't believe it - but there's a nre series in April so fingers crossed for another Mika visit and more coverage of him!
  11. Sorry, there's no way of getting a copy of the uncut stuff (trust me, I tried after being so disappointed they didn't show his interview!)
  12. I'm so cheesed off! They didn't film a Cool Down and didn't show Mika's interview - it was a great interview too! Mika got all shy when Graham brought up the best selling single thing and did a cute little giggle and well, he was just lovely and they cut it out! Mind you, the filming was over two hours and they cut most of the show out anyway... BUT THAT'S STILL NOT THE POINT!! We wanted the interview, and with no Cool Down we'll not get it now Mika was still good though - even though they cut the bloody song too!
  13. No, I don't remember that, but my Nan used to give me whisky and ginger when I was small... start as you mean to go on! Whisky's very good for the throat apparantly (well, that's what my Nan used to say!). Mika didn't appear too tired last night, but was keen to get away - that could have been because the green room was heaving with people - even Graham wanted to leave early!
  14. Not sure if that's true!! He did go to San Fran in the eighties, but not 100% on the rent boy thing!!
  15. Oh really, he didn't seem like that to me at all! I thought he was quite chatty, but I can see that he probably was tired what with all the rehearsals in the afternoon and the two takes. Hanging around waiting for the show to be filmed is knackering too - it was a longer show than usual! He did down his wine and get out sharpish at the end!
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