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  1. Mika, I was over the moon when i found out that you are finally performing in Australia. unfortenlly myself and my freind carnt go all becouse your playing in Sydney. the worse part about the date your in the country is, it would have been a perfect birthday persent. I am now livid as livid can get. Mika im begging you please perform in Melbourne Australia..
  2. I was so excited when i found out mika was caming to Australia. I knew what i was getting my friend for her birthday a concert ticket. the sad news is my mother wont let me go. 24 november 2009 sydney australia DOES ANYONE KNOW IF HE WELL BE PERFORMING IN MELBOURNE if not i carnt go
  3. Hello Mika About the only thing i can came up with to say is please bring your next concert tour to Australia Thank You oh and your new album rocks
  4. I can understand why u said what u did..... we are all different...... i was rather hurt and shocked that you called her a weirdo without even knowing her..... to me its discrimation.......... ok yes she may have created an account just to post a video that accuse's mika of plagism...... last time i checked half the songs out in the music industry could be considered plagism..... hardly any artists write there own music.... most of them are just repeats
  5. :thumb_yello: i will be on the first flight out if he does
  6. so happy hopefully its im touring australia next yr
  7. "Mika's new album will be the biggest thing since chocolate"
  8. omg have never seen anyone look so damn hot in overalls
  9. those photos remind me of a pair of track pants i swa today on the bottom they day carnt touch me
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