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  1. I won't post any pics/videos sorry ; My videos are soo baaddddddd.sounds crapy and they are short...(like 30sec max.) I taked picture but I was in the red's (quite far) and it was dark... My camera was busy after 5-6 videos and some pics...... and I wanted to film the Final because IT WASSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOO beautiful ! but.......... my camera was busy and I was trying to erase the pics I took of my dog (lol) during lollipop but I did'nt have time and the show finished...i was sad ERASE ALL YOUR PICS IN YOUR CAMERA BEFORE YOU GO TO THE GIG !!!! how stupid I am. I did'nt think about it .argggggggggg oh and I HATE MY CAMERAAAAAAAAA .... it did'nt zoom as much as I wanted. But I really enjoyed this show.GODDDDDDDD. I had so much fun and i'll never forget that day . Et quand il a joué Relax à la fin, j'me sentais vraiment toute mal, parce que je savait que ça allait être la dernière fois que je le voyais avant un long bout !!! lol mais ctes malade Sorry for my basic basic basic english
  2. OMG bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tu va etre sur la scene du centre Bell avec Mika. MY god..... félicitations et j'ai hate de voir sa
  3. ouais c vrai..mais en meme temps, il demande à des Montréalais...ils savent qu'on parlent français la..!?
  4. Bienvenue dans le club. on va l'endurer pendant un bout et après nos oreilles jouirons de le voix de MIka. lol
  5. hey j'ai pas rapport mais saviez vous que le centre bell c'est le 5 ieme amphithéâtre le plus fréquenté du monde et mika y sera j'ai trop hâte !
  6. LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LawV-IR6h0 perso, j'aime pas sa XD mais bon..on va faire avec...lol
  7. I love this thread So..I'd like to visit all ITALY. London too. In April, I am going to New York (with school) and next year PARIS (with school too...) It will be the first time I'll take the plane I am so excitieddddddd
  8. lol ..en plus mardi on annonce + 11°C avec de la pluie !!! La neige va surment un peu fondre hehe:naughty:
  9. lol ta photo est trop drôle Moi aussi j'espère qu'il va faire plus chaud un peu..
  10. Welcome to the MFC ! Have fun !!!!
  11. yes!!!! but that's HUGE. My mother can not even go there because it's too high! haha. It makes her feel dizzy But i'll be there for sure ! Well i'll try..
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