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  1. I think I remember hearing that though....... sorry I don't remember where. But all this analyzing stuff I'm really not into it, I mean we don't even know the guy and I just think it's kinda weird to sit down and be like "Hmm...." studying him like he's some lab rat. I won't go on my whole spiegl about grown up vs. disillusioned. Well, have a nice discussion y'all, I'm out.
  2. Today in the checkout lane at Trader Joe's the guy helping us suddenly said "Nice shirt." And I was wearing my red Sgt. Pepper's tee by Junk Food. His arms and hands were so beautiful. And he had this really cute smile, and after he complimented me he kinda looked down and smiled. Soooo adorable.
  3. I'm sure Borders, Barnes & Noble, Waldenbooks, etc. stock it in the magazine section along with all the other girly mags. And the fashion supplement is probably included, maybe wrapped with the actual mag in plastic or something.
  4. My friend JUST got me a subscription to Teen Vogue like 3 weeks ago I swear! :woot_jump: I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU SARA!
  5. oh okay. well I guess now we're just waiting for Ioana's reply. the shipping really is a b!tch because i think between us it'd be $30-50 for shipping and i dont think my parents will have any of that..... we're not terribly rich basically. and my parents are real frugal.
  6. wait - is this confirmed?? or are we supposed to okay it first? if she doesn't mind paying for shipping to cali, i suppose i dont either
  7. Oh and I dunno the shipping rates but please, my package will probably take forever because 1) i'm terrible at putting things together in a jiffy and 2) i will probably be paying for the cheapest, slowest kind of shipping cause my parents won't be happy with sending packages overseas in the first place. and they'll be paying for shipping so.......... no avoiding that.
  8. Ooh I already have a great idea of what I'm gonna send California up in here, put me on the list. I'd like anyone, but preferably not someone living near me (as in west coast, USA). And hopefully not too far off because I'm broke. P.S. UK would be nice
  9. I entered. WOOOOOOOOT!!! :woot_jump: Mika, for you I will totally sit through that crappy Step by Step show and Family Matters. You know I love you that much!
  10. I wonder if he meant strap-ons, whips and leather dominant or head-of-the-house, maternal dominant?
  11. Hmmm.... well if he likes dominant women, I can make it happen.....
  12. No way he'll cancel GMA. No way. I'd list all the reasons but in a nutshell : it's America, national television, live, in front of thousands, Diane Sawyer will be hitting on him (oh oops i guess thats a reason TO cancel it) etc.
  13. Awesome man, thanks for posting. Hmm yeah I wonder who that wandering hand belonged to......
  14. Great....... sigh. I am so confused.
  15. Oh please, delusional child....... I think....... he needs to go sleep off that alcohol.
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