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  1. well with a cute singer like Mika, that isn't very surprising, is it ? nice to meet you Aurélien and Matt and all the girls too (to many too mention even on this gay thread ...)
  2. hey, nice idea to have a gay thread ! I am Belgian and gay too. I come from a country where marriage is legalised but not everyone thinks one has to get married to be happy in life ... I went to Mika's concert last Tuesday, and it was just simply 'phenomenal' ! He had the whole auditorium singing and dancing along with him, his music was a hundred times better live than on record if that is still possible ... God and the show he gave, it simply gave you goose bumps ! teenagers, people in their twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, I even saw grandparents with their grandchildren, all agreed that is was simply the best concert in years. So see you all guys and girls !
  3. and weren't you all proud when Mika said that Brussels had an amazing audience ? His voice too soared like a comet, I don't know how he can hold those long falsetto-notes, that was so amazing; all of his music sounded even better than on his already great cd. And didn't you like his new hit from his second album he cleverly rehearsed that with the public to be sure it would become another mega-hit !!!
  4. hi all ! I must say I found Mika simply phenomenal ! young and old, everybody as singing out loud and dancing and hopping to the beat like mad. His show was superb to me, he is THE performer of the moment. Just wanted to share that with you girls am dying to see him again here next time !
  5. heya ! anyone going to Vorst Nationaal tonite to Mika's gig ? would be nice to see someone from the Mika Fan Club there ...
  6. well that is not so difficult to get, dears ! Actress Grace Kelly became princess of Monaco and some people fear that the royal family might have taken offense at Mika's words : I try to be like Grace Kelly, but then her looks were so sad ... though I am sure that the royals of Monaco are intelligent enough to understand that Mika didn't mean any harm by saying that, on the contrary ! got it now ???
  7. thanks, mag ! oh was his voice gone then ??? haven't been here for a quite while so don't know the latest news anymore ...
  8. oooh waaw ! at last, tonight I am going to see MIKA live at last, hopefully he will be in voice
  9. Hey, sas, I never said it was a fake bar, I just said you can only get virtual drinks here or am I wrong ? can you pass me a real drink through the computer maybe ? well, sorry I have to get up early tomorrow mornin so I am going tp hit the sack ! night night dearies
  10. oh steph, just a tease from one Dutch speaker to another ... never mind ... will do the croc run with her in a minute
  11. alles kits = everything alright, dear ? did you really not get that ? I can't believe you
  12. glass of burgundy, chardonnay, champagne, whisky ... freddie ?
  13. hi everyone ! so how are things sasje ? Everything 'kits' ?
  14. well, dears, since there is nothing REALLY available here to drink, I will go to my favourite bar to have a couple of beers ! Cheers and nite !
  15. ah ! I won't argue about that, but at the time I watched that programme the Belgians seemed to win time upon time, seriously. But I wouldn't argue that Belgians are any more clever than the Dutch, that would be racist. I actually went to Peru with a whole bunch of Dutch people (Koning Aap-travels) five years ago and I had a wonderful time, we still keep in touch after all that time !!!
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