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  1. :happybday:

    Happy Birthday, Kim !

    Best wishes on this special day !

  2. Here is my whoriness for the weekend...I am seeing two different guys. Mind you I am 48 soon to be 49 years old...Gary is 41 and a blond cowboy type and Adric is 20 and a goth. So is having two boyfriends at once whory?
  3. Well I have my name Kinky whore and my outfit..leather and whips but I need a slogan...I am horrible at this so any suggestions?
  4. Thanks guys for showing me the error of my whory ways and the path it is deemed to take...oh and about the signature under my name..How do I change the Mika Groupie?
  5. oh I would never jump him and treat him like a piece of meat...That idea would only be used on someone I would be dating..It is a mental want not a I would actually do it want.. I was trying to change my Mika Groupie to Mika's Kinky Wh*re but can't figure out how.
  6. ok...I'll be a good kinky whore...and I won't tie him up or anything and I apologize for the intensity of my message. I will admire him from a distance. I will respect him and only be mildly kinky. Again I am sorry if I offended anyone.
  7. This is the best thread ever...I want to be a Mika whore...I want to tie him to my bed and lick him all over..could I be Mika's Kinky Whore? If the name isn't taken yet because I have only had a chance to read half the pages so far.
  8. I don't know...to see in underwear or to not to see in underwear...that seems to be the question..lol...me i am a leg person...I like to look at a man's thighs...i don't know why. So the underwear scenario wouldn't be too much of a problem but if not then a show in shorts would be okay by me...lol
  9. Thank you riverstwilight. I seem to be a bit teary lately myself. This love stuff is very emotional and exciting and wonderful and scary all at the same time.
  10. I absolutely love "Make You Feel My Love" by Adele It for my boyfriend.
  11. Happiness to me is finally finding love at the ripe old age of 48, even if I thought we were fighting. And real happiness is finding out we weren't fighting and hearing his sweet voice on the phone.
  12. Well I am sitting here on MFC..I am chair bound and can't do anything. My daughter was up late last night so she is still asleep. So I am waiting for her to get up. Oh and I am eating White Cheddar Cheez-its, I am addicted.
  13. You are right I am going to do just that. We usually tell each other everything so I just need to talk to him. But it was nice to be able to vent anyway. Thanks again guys for all your help..You rock
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