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  1. (aghh no hay manera fácil de escribir con el celular aca!). Buen día, todavía no oi la bendita canción.Parece que tengo un embrujo o algo así, porque se oye cualquier canción en Youtube menos ESA (muy sobrenatural lo mío). Pero teniendo en cuenta que ya Cutting Crew lo demandó por Relax Take It Easy (y de ahi la notita en el booklet del cd) y que No Place In Heaven se parece un poco a una canción de The Supremes, si hay un parecido melódico no sería ninguna sorpresa.
  2. ¡Feliz año! Vaya si va a ser un curso largo ponerse al día, jajaja. Vendría bien un resumen de la década... (Estoy medio perdida sin WiFi, bu)
  3. Well, Italy has a policy because of which Italians in other countries can make their children and grandchildren officially "half Italians", so to speak. So there's a lot of us out there Although Mika would be more like my aunt Teresa, who's half-Syrian by birth and Italian by choice Thanks Eriko for the video! <3 By the way, there's a lof of " Ancoras" in that song, hehe.
  4. I loved the show, even if it gets too long sometimes (yesterday it was almost 1 in the morning,maybe I didn't like much last episode because I was sleepy haha. I'll have to rewatch). The guests were all very lovely and there were very emotive moments. But the biggest part is that Mika surprised me: there was a time when he couldn't drive, now he's a taxi driver. I used to perceive him as kind of camera shy, now he shines in front of a camera and is an amazing host, always knowing how to make the guest feel comfortable. Plus I'd not seen him in his underwear since We Are Golden (the reaction of the audience when he came out of the bathtub was hilarious, a collective 'Ohhhhhh!'). He really sweats confidence nowadays. Jack Savoretti, Pierfrancesco Favino (I watch Marco Polo. Didn't know the actor was THAT amazing) and Sarah's dance were my favorite moments. I hope to see him on TV very soon, even in "not understandable at all" French
  5. My bad, I thought those shows were pre-recorded (last weekend Sabine mentioned to me that they are recording The Voice in December but it doesn't air until January or later). What I mean is that an Italian TV critic already compared him to Rosario Fiorello (on an article posted on this same thread, I think), who's been doing that for like 25 years. I take it as a compliment, but it's a lot of pressure too
  6. He would have to learn to change his clothes much more quickly Sometimes the script behind it is evident, and you notice even the guests studied their lines carefully. But if it were live it would be awfully stressful for Mika, who's not an actor or comedian or has a wide experience on TV and radio. Being spontaneous on a music concert is totally different to acting and improvising 2 h and a half straight on national (well, international!) TV. Maybe it's possible but it'll have to be way simpler and shorter.
  7. Exactly Kumazz, 20.30 h New York time is 22.30 h in Buenos Aires Ends about 45 min after Friday midnight (we are 12 hours ahead of Tokyo, so happy Monday! haha)
  8. I came to my mum's house today and she said: "Have you seen it? Eros sang with Mika!". Turns out Rai International is airing the show, according to my mum on Friday night (at least in Southamerica). So if you have cable, check if you can watch it on TV: it looks better than online and in HD (I haven't got a TV, I'll have to visit my mum next week LOL) *PS: according to her, "he doesn't jump and scream happily like when he was young...He is more mature now that he's like 40". Yes, she said forty. You can imagine my face
  9. La Pioggia - Gigliola Cinquetti. I remembered my grandma really liked it, checked it on YouTube and now it's stuck in my head LOL. The songs is basically about "It's cold and rainy, the weather sucks, but I'm in love so I don't care" Gigliola is a popular Italian artist, she was a great singer and a very beautiful lady in the 60s and 70s. She's still pretty active, so if there's another season of Stasera I hope Mika invites her to his house. That'd be great.
  10. Studying, because I have a test on Monday. And then studying until December the 15th while trying to figure out how to focus instead of watching videos of Mika
  11. I had to open Spotify to listen to Big Girl because I couldn't remember how it starts, no matter how hard I tried. I probably forgot around 75% of the lyrics of Stuck in the Middle as well.
  12. Well, he said some rude words, showed a middle finger for about 4 seconds, and gave a speech about how much he would like to age to be a grumpy old man who scares children with his fake teeth haha. (Or that's what I could get, correct me if I'm wrong)
  13. Google Translate works quite well from English to Italian. Usually it's not the same the other way round, haha. (Il traduttore automatico è traditore...dal inglese al italiano, abbastanza decente. Italiano al inglese, abitualmente no). Lo sketch di Virginia Raffaele non è più così divertente, forse perche è repetitivo. Ma i numeri musicale sono una figata davvero...Eros e Giorgia sono artiste internazionali, dunque a fans di tutto il mondo gli piaciono Posdata: Ho imparato la parola 'scarafaggio' oggi...'cucaracha' (come lui ha detto nel taxi) è in spagnolo
  14. Brazil, the way I see it, is our most probable chance (big country, many fans, loud ones and a couple of well-known festivals and venues). I understand that the economical or social situation might not be the best one right now. In that particular topic we're all in the region a bit screwed.