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  1. Hi all , i haven't been here for a long time (busy life) but i'm still a fan . And i'm also coming to this gig
  2. Hi everybody , at first sorry for staying away for so long but i've been extremely busy. I'm still a fan though. But last minute i decided to go to this gig . Are there any fans traveling from the Netherlands with who i can travel ? And where are you all staying after the gig ? I also didn't buy a ticket yet so if someone has one (standing ) for me i'd be happy to buy it from you
  3. I'm looking for a ticket for Liege , Belgium , please pm me if you have one left .
  4. Nice to see my pictures here I was one of the lucky ones too , thanks again Deb . It was a great experience to be part of this and i never imagined it would take so much time to make a commercial. (I've once "acted" in a Dutch movie and that didnt take as long as this haha )
  5. Bonne anniversaire :happybday:

  6. I understand you too well . Sometimes i get so sick of beeing around men all the time and getting into our mika world is as an escape from that. I gave up on trying to explain why i need this so much. But anyway the gig was great great great . Too tired to write a report
  7. Oh noo i would email them anyway if i were you , its only one day too late. I hope you can still get in.
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