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  1. This is a translated text from that French interview posted by @carafon and around 42:30 you can hear he said "sorisier"
  2. Yes, you're right, he was mistaken the word for sure, because the song was about his smile and he talked about this song only in this French interview. Then some fans started to spread the mistranslated word around on Twitter, and everybody took it as a fact.
  3. Thank you! This is good news, I hope there will be an Italian version with these two as well, it would make sense since they were both related to some Italian TV projects
  4. It's funny because this is exactly how I felt hearing the lyrics of Ice Cream, I can't even listen to it because of that .... instead Tomorrow sounds so real and frank to me, he manage to catch perfectly that feeling that all of us know and lived, and his voice fits so well along with the lyrics But I also get it why it's not everyone's favorite, since we have different tastes and our reactions are biased, mostly on how a song touches us on a personal level ( I suppose ) I know this is my case with Good Wife and Tomorrow, and right now I can't stop listening to the last one.
  5. I loved this song from the first listening of the live version, and I agree with you, the recorded version it's nice, but it clearly didn't get the best production... it's a shame, because it could have been much much better. Anyway, I really like it and think that this would have been the best choice for the first single and has all the qualities to be played on the radios
  6. I am already sure that this is my favorite! I was sure from the first moment, it happened the same with Good Wife.
  7. I'm not sure about his father speaking Italian, here in the Tiny Love vid at 2:26 he said that his parents are in the audience and they don't understand a word in Italian so he will translate them later
  8. Awesome, be prepared for a special experience!
  9. You're right, just saw it. I hope for this Friday