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  1. No one from the Mika fans in this forum received messages like you did from this person. We don't send to Mika tweets saying that we love him and want him to come to our hometown over and over again. We just follow him and respect him. When you are so insistent and desperate, you will attract fake accounts and evil people who want to fool you. I don't know who advised you to keep sending messages to Mika in hope that he will respond to you, but I can guarantee that that it won't happen. He won't ever like, RT or answer to this kind of tweets, he never did. In fact it is possible to get the opposite result and get blocked by him. As @carafon told you, there is a reason why you are contacted by these suspicious people and other fans not. We only tried to help you giving you right answers and advices, but you can do whatever you want outside of this forum, it is your choice and your responsibility
  2. Nu cumva era reclama la Orange cu melodia Good Gone Girl? Cea cu cateii?
  3. I read an article about that, it was in French press
  4. The moment with Kenji was a short remember of his evolution at The Voice, he will appear in a future episode to help Mika training his candidates.
  5. When his team will announce a show in Montreal, they will put the link of the site where to buy tickets as well. We don't know in advance, for every show could me more sites available. You will see it at the right moment, don't worry.
  6. He will never respond to insistent fans, I can assure you, he never did it, maybe that fan made a bad joke
  7. I hope we will can take them off, at this concert we won't sing or jump, so it wouldn't be such a danger, imo. And their ventilation system it is really helpful, indeed, plus that everybody would have a green pass anyway. But we'll see, in the photos from Philharmonie I see people wearing masks.
  8. It is used all over the world since many years, it would be perfect for you as well
  9. I sent an email to the Philharmonie and asked about the cloakroom, here's the answer:
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