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  1. Hi, @Fernando Logan Welcome to MFC Yes, I agree with you and for me there's no doubts that this is what this song is about, those lyrics are extremely clear. And even if at the beginning I didn't really liked this song, now I enjoy it a lot because suddenly everything makes sense
  2. krysady

    Hi everyone!

    Hi, Irina! Welcome to MFC, enjoy the place and Mika's world I hope you'll be able to see him live soon, but you must be warned: this is very addictive and there's no cure for that yet
  3. He was in a different mood for every album, and yet only NPIH is missing from his gigs, so I doubt this is the reason
  4. Thank you for your detailed report, I'm glad you had such a great time!
  5. Exactly, he knows well who the majority of the audience for his shows is, he should update his setlist and stop worrying that people would not be pleased. Maybe we should tweet to him about it more often, we know that he always, but ALWAYS listen and care about his fans' opinions... (not )
  6. Yes, that is sure, even here in Romania you can hear almost everyday on the radios Relax, Grace Kelly and Happy Ending I thought the same but I see he's performing Popular in Europe as well, he did it in Spain and now in France. He really should skip these, the show it seems already too short everytime and would be more space for some NPIH songs
  7. You're welcome Yes, the final part made me very happy
  8. I think I love too much seeing Mika in the same room with an orchestra
  9. Yes, I'm going to see him in Zurich next week, I hope you'll manage to see him soon as well
  10. I also don't get why he does that, I really miss hearing songs from NPIH live, it is one of his best albums. I'm sure that no one would miss Big Girl or Lollipop nowadays.. It's such a shame! I wish we would get an explanation I would love to hear Good Wife ( one of my all time favorites ) , Last Party, Hurts, All She Wants and of course No Place In Heaven, one of the most powerful and beautiful songs performed live. That one should be on the setlist for ever, the same as The Origin Of Love and Happy Ending. I would prefer to hear anytime one of these instead of Big Girl and Ice Cream ( or Relax). I really hope that he will change the setlist during the tour, I hope we will hear Paloma live as well one day