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  1. Yes, it's annoying because they never mention this when you buy the tickets from their website It's fine when you use a foreign bank account to buy, but when you want to resale, they ask you to provide a German bank account
  2. @Valmont69 Not sure if you've read Deb's post, we don't "sell" tickets on MFC, you can say you have a spare one and talk the details on private message About the resale on Eventim, I answered you on the other thread
  3. I tried and didn't work, so I sent them an email and they told me you can resale only if you are from Germany. In fact you can find somewhere on their site this info as well.
  4. thevoice_tf1 BigFlo à Mika : “Bienvenue mon frère” *Superbloque Mika* Mika : 😭 RDV demain à 21h10 sur @tf1 et @tf1plus avec @mikainstagram, @zazie.online, @vianneymusique, @bigfloetoli et @nikosaliagas ✌ #TheVoice #Superblock #Coachs #Mika #BigFlo tv.mp4
  5. Hi, Will! Welcome to the MFC You'll find here a lot to discover about Mika and his work, enjoy the forum and if you need help, just ask
  6. I really hope that fans will share their reports and videos here on MFC, they can do it under the spoiler very well. Those who don't want to know it, can skip it. I also don't like surprises And even more we should think of all the fans that have no possibilities to attend any Mika show at all. I know I'm always grateful for all the pics, vids and reports shared here on the forum.
  7. mikainstagram: And the journey continues… this time in France and the lesson in French!! Where to next? 🧐 Snapinsta.app_video_10000000_340157978339368_1640045903773837792_n.mp4
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/C3X2PE8ttub/ Thevoice_tf1 56m Pour son Audition à l’Aveugle, Lize a décidé de reprendre un titre d’un ancien Talent : “La Fille“ de @watchoutforthetornado ✨ Une réinterprétation portée par sa voix douce, qui va emporter nos Coachs 🤩 Découvrez sa prestation en intégralité sur TF1+ ✌️ RDV Samedi sur TF1 et TF1+ 🎉 Snapinsta.app_video_10000000_1384152965625106_6015748735300020269_n.mp4
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