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  1. This is the first part : 2249224913298027759_179779999.mp4
  2. I have no idea, my tech knowledge are very poor.. shouldn't all the Android phones work the same? Or maybe it depends on the Android version? Or other specifications? I really have no idea what could be
  3. The MFC ones, they work perfect on my Note9
  4. I have no problem on posting and deleting emoticons, they appear instantly no need to wait for loading, and I'm also using Android
  5. You are right and that's why I posted it on the rumors thread, it happened before that the rumors were not confirmed and fans have lost their money. Also it is a bit risky to wait too much for an official confirmation, but it's safer.... that's a tricky business always
  6. Yes, I remember reading the old threads here and some fans started to put the clues all together and kinda figured out what's going on. But it's more like reading between the lines, people have been always respectful on this subject here on MFC
  7. Ah, thanks, so this is what I was remembering about Lola Almost all of us knew it, but since it was a private thing it was not our business to discuss it here until Mika decided to say it with his words
  8. I'm glad that your first Mika concert was so special, enjoy your
  9. Bine ca ai reusit sa ajungi la un concert de-al lui, acum stii cum e si o sa vrei din ce in ce mai mult Sper sa ne vedem pe undeva candva
  10. Ahh, imi pare rau... data viitoare poate Ai fost si in Olanda sau asta a fost primul concert Mika?
  11. Ma bucur mult ca ti-a placut! Mai ales ca stiu ca ai vazut mai multi artisti si zici ca asta e cel mai tare concert ever Asa e, e greu sa explici cuiva cum e live, pana nu-l vezi cu ochii tai. Ai reusit sa-l vezi dupa concert? Am inteles ca a iesit afara dupa.
  12. Yet he declared that Tomorrow is not about Andy, that any of the songs from MNIMH are not about him
  13. Why I recall that he mentioned Lola being the song that he was talking about? I clearly remember he even said something about the collaboration with Fryars for that song... I wish we could still be able to read those tweets
  14. Hi,Vincent Welcome to MFC, enjoy! Thanks for your pics