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  1. Yes, you are right, you can see some of his family's members and friends in that video. There's also Raffa, the woman who lost her eye during the Lebanese war, Mika wrote Any Other World inspired by her story. You can use this thread for any question about Mika and his work, it's the best place to get any information you need https://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/28644-the-looking-for-something-thread-part-ii/
  2. Hi, @TeeMarie Welcome to MFC, enjoy the place I'm pretty sure that we are many of us here who can relate to this
  3. Mika and Soprano win the "Best French Duo or Pop Group" Award at the FMA 2021! https://www.futurpop.com/2021/02/28/mika-et-soprano-remportent-l-award-du-meilleur-duo-ou-groupe-pop-français-aux-fma-2021/
  4. I think the same. Probably he is taking advantage of his position in Mika's band to promote himself easily, after all 90% of his fans are actually Mika fans. They wouldn't be interested in Max if it wasn't Mika.
  5. Hi, Andrea Nice introduction, have fun around
  6. Hi, Renate! Nice to see you around again, I was wondering if you're still into Mika thing And glad that you're well and happy, welcome back
  7. You're welcome I hope you'll find the others, I was looking on YT but no luck. It's possible to be set as unlisted or uploaded on another platform, I can't remember
  8. I know those videos made by Maylyssa and I have one saved in my laptop: BestMomentsTheVoice.mp4
  9. Hi, Paulina! Welcome to MFC, enjoy the place
  10. And here they say she died last December: https://showbizz.net/stars/mika-est-en-deuil
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