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  1. Hi, Rory! Welcome and enjoy the place, I hope you'll find here a lot of material to catch up And seeing the live performance of this song it's another story, one of the best moments during a gig
  2. Why are all the videos on horizontal sight? Or it's a problem with my laptop?
  3. Usually I don't use what's Limited Edition, like Kukulakuki watch ( only 999 items worldwide) or the Pilot box with 24 pens ( that I found at some auction in my country ), so if I get these ones I will keep them in my collection
  4. He was there with Pierpaolo in 2018 too:
  5. That's his house, remember his b-day party in 2017 and his marriage celebration in 2018?
  6. You're right, this is Miranda's IG
  7. Hi, Prisca! Welcome to MFC, enjoy the place!
  8. Hi, Tomas! Welcome to MFC, enjoy the place!
  9. Yes, they cut parts from different days to make one episode so they want that the audience won't notice it. It's the same for The Voice, except the lives.
  10. We can find these everywhere here in the supermarkets, it's the most popular brand of tissues. I've seen them also in many countries and the cheapest ones were in Switzerland I have these ones but had no idea they are limited edition
  11. It reminds me of the Kukulakuku design somehow...
  12. Ah, sorry! I don't know, I found it on twitter earlier in the morning
  13. This is from the Octogonal courtyard in Vatican: