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  1. He said that he is following NAIP since the beginning, that sometimes he scares him( probably with his choices), then he works hard ( and proves his talent), that all this situation made him addicted and he feels like he was tied up with some sort of Scotch tape, put into a Montagne russe and going up and down all the time ( well, it sounds better in Italian )
  2. I liked how Mika described his relation with NAIP after his second performance
  3. True Maybe from the rehearsals? And he had to keep it secret until yesterday to be a surprise?
  4. Now after I finished to watch the semifinal, I can say that I liked NAIP's second performance even more than the one with Elio. Yes, he and Elio are matching perfectly, but the cover of Afterhours was so emotional and well done, the face of Manuel says all Also the second performance of the LPOM was kind of nice and different from what they did until now, but still I don't think I would ever want to go to one of their gigs. I mean I love rock, but I can't listen to them more than one song ( not even one till the end ), all of them seems the same to my ears ( moreover a constant audio-aggr
  5. Me neither! That means our testosterone level is fine yet, but if NAIP will actually win next week, anything could happen
  6. Yes, it seems he revealed by accident that Manuelito had Covid, but probably he didn't know it was a secret
  7. I know but it was me being very skeptical and all in the beginning, so you are right... I should've known by now that you never know with Mika
  8. It seems it was Mika who decided who's going to be eliminated and he voted to save Blind and avoid tilt.
  9. Me too! And what's strange is that he doesn't look so awful with that beard
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