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  1. Hi, Carla! Welcome to MFC! It's great that you can attend Mika's gig in Mexico, be prepared for a special experience
  2. Hi, Emilie! Welcome to MFC, enjoy the place and your two upcoming gigs!
  3. I know what you mean, it was hard for many of us until we got used to this forum, don't worry If you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask
  4. All the videos with translations are in the "The MFC Subtitling Team's Subtitled Videos" : Also everything you want to ask, you can post in this thread and you'll get help, no need to open a new one for every question
  5. Hi, @Michelluuuh Welcome to MFC! Enjoy the forum and your first gig, I'm sure you won't regret buying that ticket
  6. Thanks, Dee! Never seen it before, this is such a cute picture
  7. Hi, @nvk Welcome to MFC, I hope you'll enjoy the place and find here all the info you need
  8. Hi @Sophie Rondeau and @Marjolaine Welcome to MFC, enjoy the place! I'm happy that you will get to see Mika live soon, we will wait for your reports here!
  9. This is the RSVP thread for Livorno concert :
  10. From what I understand he was referring at the song that he, Doriand and Phillipe Katerine have been recorded some time ago in the studio as a trio and the name of the song it's "Danse Entre Hommes" , I guess for Doriand's album. This is the post from IG:
  11. I don't know how, I searched the show on Captvty but couldn't find it
  12. Hi, Florine! Welcome to MFC, I hope you will find out quickly that this is the best place for you to be I am sorry for your previous experience during Mika's show and wish you to fully enjoy the upcoming ones! Being here will help you to find new friends and meet them at gigs, I know it happened to me too It's sad that you are so lonely and have no friends in real life, I hope you'll overcome your shyness step by step and find true friends in the future. You have only one life, live it the best way you can No one here is "too late" or too "bizarre" , we are all Mika fans with the same rights who share the same passion, so you definitely have a place here
  13. I had the same problem, you have to disable the ad-blocker if you have one. Now it works well for me