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  1. krysady

    Ice Cream

    This song will probably attract a new kind of fans, that's all I can say.
  2. krysady

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    The Voice : la phrase inattendue de Taylor Swift… à Mika ://
  3. I see that that woman is doing many insta-videos like that with different funny moments, maybe it was a joke for Mika? I'm curios too, now that she also received flowers from him...
  4. krysady

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    Thank you everyone for all your reports and videos, it's always nice to see a calm m&g without screaming and pushing fans
  5. krysady

    Ice Cream

    If he will do it in Bordeaux, let's hope that Nina will manage to record it.
  6. Now I'm trying to imagine a video with "I want your icecream"....
  7. krysady

    Ice Cream

    Thank you, @dcdeb for your work!
  8. krysady

    Ice Cream

    Or fan of 112 Band
  9. krysady

    Ice Cream

    Soon Dirty Dancing will be history
  10. krysady

    Ice Cream

    @virgi Thank you!
  11. krysady

    Ice Cream

    Thanks, Eriko! It reminds me of a Prince's song, I don't know why Edit: I know, it reminds me of Cream, even the choreography:
  12. krysady

    Hi :D

    Hi, Giulia! Welcome and enjoy the place, I'm sure you'll find here a lot of new stuff about Mika's world
  13. krysady

    I come bearing gifts! - Mika Compilation(s)

    Hi, @Just_Me Welcome and have a great time! What a nice video, thank you for reminding us some of the most beautiful moments that we shared here over the years