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  1. Helloooooooooo. I haven't seen you for ages. How are you?

  2. If I was stranded on a deserted island with Mika...... we'd probably party it out for a week until all the rum was gone........ And then we'd probably just sit and talk for a bit, and maybe even ride dolphins!! (they don't count as FISH do they? ) After we escaped, although WHY, i Don't know we'd want to:roftl: , i would probably follow him around the world on his tours for a while. But in all honestly.........he's probably get sick of that psychotic girl following him around with stars in her eyes.....and hearts lol, so that's my scenario not very creative *shrugs* j
  3. *shocked* look how LUSCIOUS and CURLY my hair has gotten!! i'm just so dang good looking i don't know what to do!?!?!? all those fans will MOB me!!
  4. High FIVE!!! edit: ermm.. sorry this was such a big picture (look the ZITS on his face!! they're SOOO sexy!!)
  5. You mean Romeo AND Juliet DIE in the end?? That's SOOOO SAD!!! :crybaby:
  6. Why yes, yes I am wearing a chicken suit. Does that bother you in any way at all?
  7. *Mika dancing* Wait a second! Who stole my hula-hoop???
  8. Let's bring down the HOUSE lollipop girl! ooh,ooh Yeah THAT's right
  9. No I DON'T want a candy-cane, but thanks for asking. Wait you were, saying I LOOK like one? Come here, and I'll show YOU who looks like a CANDY CANE!!!!
  10. sorry i haven't the foggiest idea (i have a mac) it hasn't worked for me at all maybe you should check out an advice thread or something...
  11. here's what i got (if it makes sense at all) Pause the video where you want to. Press PrtScn or Print Screen button next to f12 and then open paint. Press crtl+v. edit the picture so only the youtube video exists and voila.
  12. arghh you'll kill me for saying this but I don't know EITHER! but i'm intersted in finding out, so i'll search around a bit
  13. Hi! Have fun here! I don't speak dutch..... See ya around!
  14. i know this has already been said but... you are AMAZING!!! and why do you care if people don't appreciate you for who you are? i get teased for what I look like too tall, gangly, red hair, not the BEST complexion... i think you should write more of these stories, they're VERY inspirational i think you're a lovely person, a fantastic writer, and you actually UNDERSTAND things, unlike most people; where things go RIGHT over their heads. keep writing, and keep holding your head up. and if people keep teasing you, they'll stop; once they've found someone else to pick on.
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