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    Ultimate Mika Guru

  2. happy birthday!


  3. happy birthday! :yay:

  4. I keeep playing the video over and over and over !!!!
  5. OH MY GOD ! IM SO IN LOVED TO THE NEW SOUNDS !! Love the spin on Rain
  6. hi david! how are you?

  7. Merry Chirstmas hot bitches ! Happy HOlidays ! what did santa brought you ?
  8. DavidM

    Katy Perry

    Whats waste from you is gold from others Loved the video. I even cried with the video , yeaah im pretty sensitive lol
  9. Well what a great way to start my day isnt ? lol I am gay and im strongly Catholic so its always like a mixed emotions when church states stuff like that or when people said your going to hell to me. I just dont think people now we are biolagically programmed that way and its something to do with the the hypothalamus gland (responsible of sex hormones in a human body ), did you know gay hypothalamus are similar to the one of a women ? that would explain why gay people like boys rather than girls, is bure Biology and Science Oh by the way im writing a mini book about a gay teen who struggles with life and society. Its called "Forgive me Father for I have sinned" I got the first chapter and im stuck int he second one !
  10. Someone is cheating !!!!! lol , aww congratulations , dont mind my jelous speaking for me Great, now I need to tell my parents I want it for Christmas
  11. Im pissed , I cant find the book on any store !
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