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  1. kaatje066

    2017 'The Art of Song' on BBC Radio 2

    Thanks a lot Eriko, you're a star!
  2. kaatje066


    Sad to hear this. I only met David once, in Amsterdam, but we chatted on MFC in the early days. I remember him as a friendly and funny person.
  3. kaatje066

    2017 'The Art of Song' on BBC Radio 2

    Thanks for sharing Eriko and Anne!
  4. Pretty shaky because I had to avoid a lot of arms that were up in the air, but here's the vid with Paul de Leeuw.
  5. Wendy (Shady) and I weren't very close to the stage, but we still had a good view. It was a good gig. Mika was energetic as usual and he put on a good show. I always enjoy what he does with his songs live, giving them a new vibe. Like the intro for Love Today, mainly with the bass, powerful! I loved Boum Boum Boum (a song that I had to get used to to be honest), Promiseland, No Place In Heaven and Last Party, and my all time favourite Happy Ending. A real surprise was the appearance of Paul de Leeuw. Seeing Mika live always brings the fangirlness to a higher level I didn't bring my good camera with me, but I managed to take a few pics that are okay.
  6. Looks great from the stage! Thanks for sharing.
  7. The file is very big, I didn't convert it into avi yet. You're a cutie, you can visit me any time. But next time the boyfriend might be home so I won't show you my bedroom again.
  8. Thanks a lot Alexander! We saw you film the entire gig and I was hoping you'd share your vids, especially when Alex was told to stop filming
  9. Another try then. We wandered through the centre of Brussels for quite a while, trying to find the venue and when we arrived the queue was already huge. We ended up in the back of the standing area, but we still had a good view. I loved the gig, the crowd was very enthusiastic and I really like the red balloons during The Origin Of Love. Had a fantastic day with Laurel, Shady and Weealx Some pics: And some vids: Un Soleil Mal Luné (missed the first part cause I was messing with my phone and didn't expect him to start with this song) [YOUTUBE]ctbE5MVCPKk[/YOUTUBE] A short vid of the choir during Big Girl [YOUTUBE]93E0pdcS9TU[/YOUTUBE] Popular Song [YOUTUBE]H7W2tIclq54[/YOUTUBE]
  10. I did the same and then MFC kicked me off so it got lost.
  11. Loved the gig, and I really enjoyed meeting MFC-ers I haven't seen for such a long time. I had a nice day with Shady and WeeAlx, although he might think otherwise now he's discovered I'm not the quiet and decent lady he had expected Paradiso is a beautiful venue, and from the fourth row I had an amazing good view. Only two bits on video:the beginning of Lola, and a bit of Popular Song. [YOUTUBE]kgMEOSJeb3I[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]eD217FJISuM[/YOUTUBE]
  12. So there probably won't be a number system, but at what time will people start q-ing?
  13. kaatje066

    MFC 5th Anniversary - January 2012

    Sounds exciting.
  14. kaatje066

    The Dutch thread, Part 35

    Dankjewel Marjolein! Ik ga je volgen hoor, ik ben heel erg benieuwd wat je allemaal gaat beleven. Als ik je niet meer spreek voor je vertrekt: goeie reis, pas op jezelf en maak heel veel mooie herinneringen voor later!
  15. kaatje066

    The Dutch thread, Part 35

    @Nielo: da's mooi nieuws. Graag de link, want ik ben zeker van plan om je blog te gaan volgen. @Droopsy: gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe baan. Ook al is het maar voor 4 maanden voorlopig, het is een beginnetje, en je weet nooit hoe je ergens in rolt! @Ilseh: lekker dat je binnenkort dichterbij huis kunt gaan werken. Scheelt toch weer iets met het vroege opstaan.