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  1. what if you send him to the address where you got him from? PLEASE

  2. Could you Please send the elephant back to address we gave you, again? To Molly?. Please, it's the right address. I've sent things there as well recently. Thank you.

  3. ...or just send him on for heaven's sake. I do NOT understand what is going on your head.

  4. Very wrong! you should be embarrassed of even showing your picture publicly.

    We already bought a new animal and all, you know what does that mean?, more spent money! and you are just there sitting not saying a word to us, the least thing you could do is appologise to us.

  5. This is so wrong of you.

  6. Where is the problem? You are still here, you come online. You DO see the posts, you got the PMs, you got emails. Just send him and all his belongings on.

  7. please let Humphry continue on his journey- people really invested alot of time, and care not to mension money on this project, and want as many people to enjoy him!

  8. Please let Humphrey continue to travel!

    We really miss him!

  9. ever heard of "KARMA" my friend? huh?

    everytime something bad happens to you,remember all these ppl you hurt and disappointed.


    and it won't stop if you don't send him back.true story!

  10. yeah please, just say something...anything...we are just wondering where Humphrey is :tears:

  11. Please, Humphrey is MFC's little darling. :tears: So many people invested time, love, passion, and a lot of money in the project. Please send him further. Please.

  12. It's unfair that just 8 days ago you were online but you still don't reply to any of us or post something on the Humphrey thread.

    Please. I hope you know what you are doing.

  13. I have no idea why the heck you are doing that. Really. It is highly unfair. We have all been investing a lot of time & passion into that. And after all a LOT of money. It is simply notnotNOT fair.

  14. hmm hello??? can you please respond? people just want an answer, that's all. be fair!

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