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  1. Well, it seems like it... So I could be wrong (And probably am).
  2. Hello everyone I'm back...after over a year (I think). I doubt anyone can remember me...
  3. Well, basically...Hi everyone. I haven't been here in ages...It must be over a year now! So I thought I'd post this, just to tell people, really. Hopefully, I'm back to stay now. I've missed all the Mika news!
  4. Right now, I'm watching/Listening to Queen: The Magic Years Volume 2. And talking to friends, and regretting missing my friends b-day, and coughing to death x3.
  5. There's been some very strange problems down our street with electricity, so the computer keeps scaring me by going off every so often x3.
  6. I'm good thank you! I haven't been able to get on the MFC for waaay to long
  7. When the Mika bit came on my friend was round, and we sorta had it on while chatting and doing other stuff, when it came on we burst out laughing, felt guilty, and watched the repeat just to yell BOOO! At the screen x3. Oh yus, My friend is offically a Mika fan now
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