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  1. Hey!!

    How are you? =D

    Are you in Kent now? I'm in Cambridgeshire!

  2. Someone asked for Bailey's coffee this morning at my work. (Work being a coffee shop. Not a bar.) But I could really use one right now, is there a bartender in sight?
  3. I'll be in Kent I'll PM you with details once it gets closer to the date! I'm moving at the end of August. Yeah, well they have their share of downsides...but so does every country Canada's been wonderful but I miss England's culture so much. Plus I will be living in a city which is a BIG change I can't wait!
  4. Cambridgeshire? That's not too far away from where I'll be--we should meet up! I wanna go to Cuba! I was going to go with the music program at my high school in April but the stupid principal wouldn't let it happen
  5. It is. It also pisses rain 98% of the time. But I was born there, and currently live on Canada's West coast, so I guess you could say I'm used to rain!
  6. I'm moving to England at the end of August so Europe is my oyster. First stop is either Germany or Italy!
  7. Really? What's your tumblr name? Mine's automaticbrainchild. Oooooh, awesome! If I'm ever stopping through I know where I'll be staying then.
  8. OMG, I want to go! That's cool! I am currently obsessed with the TV show 'Supernatural'. It's very informative about folklore in different cultures, plus the lead actors are yummy Not to mention that it's hilarious. I watched all 5 previous seasons in about a month and now that I've caught up, I don't know what to do with myself
  9. Ooooh, is he single? Wow, that's beautiful. I love it.
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