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  1. Love this song already. 😍
  2. Sad to hear about this. Unfortunately never got to meet him but heard he was a very nice person. Rest in peace David.
  3. I have two tickets for Mika's London show in June if anybody would like to buy them. Stalls, row H, seats 28 & 29. Please message me or e-mail me at larasblommor@gmail.com if interested. EDIT: SOLD
  4. Great gig! And a perfect view from the dress circle from above which was surprising. Really enjoyed the new songs and the set list in general was a nice mix of the old and new. A shame that the full new concert set wasn't able to fit on the small stage at Adelphi, which I had looked forward to seeing for the first time but what matters was that the show was great so I'm happy. It really took me back to the first time I saw Mika live (in Stlm April 07), for some reason, I don't know why, but apparently many other old fans felt the same nostalgic vibe from the show too. And it was nice to see him so happy too, he was smiling a lot and seemed to be excited to perform in London again. Promiseland was incredible(!) and the audience went crazy for it. The new version of Hurts is awesome and I enjoyed Good Guys too. Over My Shoulder was very beautiful as always. At one point, Mika sang acapella without his mic too, I think it was at the end of Happy Ending, that was really nice and special. It was great seeing so many MFCers at the pub party (some for the very first time) and I tried to say hello to everyone but I hope to see you all soon again. Thanks to Deb for arranging it, it was a fun gathering. Surprisingly NOT taken during I Only Love You When I'm Drunk (at all during this gig) but got in the mood for it lol
  5. Yeah, thanks I'm definitely considering to buy it from you if I can, if I won't find another ticket, but I'll let you know very soon.
  6. Looking for a nice ticket for the Adelphi London gig somewhere in the center part of either the stalls or the dress circle if anyone has one spare?
  7. That's awesome Karin I'll be there too, from the 9th to the 14th. How long will you be there?
  8. Wow, the music video for Good Guys will turn out amazing I'm sure. Thanks for the download link, Eriko
  9. The new forums look great, nice work! :)

  10. Oh no how frustrating that it doesn't retrieve the recording you lost. Have you downloaded the latest version of Screenflow and tried it out? (If you have Mac) http://screenflow.en.softonic.com/mac I'm a bit too worried to upgrade though now because there seems to be a lot issues with different versions of Screenflow but maybe this latest one will work better for you than the one you had before?
  11. Sorry for taking so long to answer Marina, I use Screenflow Version 2.0.2 What happens when you try to record? Does it crash and shut down during recording? If so, when you reopen the app it should retrieve your previous recording?
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