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  1. honestly, i can never understand those people wasting time on these silly videos there are loads of nice music videos on youtube worth a good look at
  2. Aww, don't be sad, sure Mika is very kind to people, you can tell he looks much happier with fans than he looks in press photo shots. it'd be nice catch him up off stage, but if you couldn't, still, you can enjoy yourself ! if you feel lonely, do some interesting stuff, be with good friends, have a good laugh, stay away from those boring people, you know their topic usually starts from what you do, your education, your family ... end up with what you will do, tell them shut up and i don't know how much his autograph and picture means to you all, support is just support if you think he's good, he's great . Mika is on stage, he gives great performance, he enjoys the stage. you pay at the door on your own will, then enjoy the gig as much as you can. when off stage, he comes out seeing fans, he is kind !! if he doesn't, it means nothing really
  3. i got confused about this question all the time i think he was an angel, then he is an angel with devilish ego dunno
  4. all sorts of onions are poisonous for doggies, you should stop it!! doggies can only live on doggie food !! but my dog is really spoiled, he's got too many snacks, when comes to dinner time, he pushes away his little plate sometime
  5. your dog is very well trained !! btw i don't even train my dog, but he knows 'sit' and 'shake hands' he doesn't know 'stay' haha
  6. oh, please don't !!! how can you know your dog wants to be grace kelly ? i bought my dog a pair of very nice doggy jeans in jp, but he doesn't like it at all, i think it's just not very comfy for him though very nice looking ! you can get very comfy cotton shirts for your dog at accessarize, they have very cute wooly scarves too, before xmas. also i tried to put necklace to my dog too, he didn't like it either, he kept shaking his little head, saying no no no.
  7. merrymedia :lmao3: i did see licm on no.3 album chart at hmv and they've got a shelf for brits have you all checked mark ronson's just, even worse than valerie and the video, isn't it horrible compared to radiohead's
  8. jeez, have you read the sentence in bold font and checked the picture ?? he is just shy about the camera. what's the business with adele and the jodi marr!? thanks anyways, i thought that's a blonde amy winehouse
  9. oh, he does look shy !! adele's top is really weird, im pretty sure it was one piece, but looks like she was wearing a collar with laces
  10. does he love beef chunks ?? my dog prefers cakes and cookies, i give him icecream in summer time aww............ he is all spoiled
  11. aww, your dog has got a bow tie my dog got bow ties too, he also loves scarf, shiny collars and pretty clothes maybe that's why he got bitten sometime. golden retriever is very well behaved i think, mine is a terrier, he doesn't obey at all, sometime he wants to stay on sofa together with me, sometime he hides in his own bed, but that's why i love him a lot
  12. i am afraid of growing old too, i always try to find the answer to staying young maybe it's about live hundred percent out of yourself for the moment maybe it's about knowing and finding your inner-self which you don't know about and really hard to reach, but i'd like to get closer and closer to it
  13. actually, you should just go more gigs , like a book a song , there is possibility that we don't understand it at all. i'm out now, not for gig, for food, bye
  14. you can either say i have lots or i have none, i just don't know which one to fit myself in. "TOYING" WITH MIKA :lol3::lol3:
  15. he'd write and sing his his little heart out
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