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    They make fun of you for liking someone's music? Hmm. Just tell them they're stoopid for making fun of you lol. You've obvs got better music taste!! xox
  2. Oooh, I have a couple of "moments". In B'ham (Nov '07) me and my mate Becki made a banner for the concert that read "We're gonna love today!" It was HUGE lol. Anywho, we were right at the front in the middle and during love today we held our banner up as high as we could. Before we knew it, he was smiling and pointing at the banner Was so cool lol. AND.. on the same concert, he got down low on the little stagey thing at the front, and I put my arms around him. He sorta stood there while I was trying to hug him.. I s'pose I was a bit sucessful.. I had a mini-hug. Yay Well, they were special enough to me haha! xox
  3. So, Saralituh and Neiobi daughters became really good friends such as their mothers, they went to the same school and became real friends, then they started to have music class together, Mikas daughter had such a beautifull voice like her dad and Neiobi daughter could play the piano really well, but they couldn't form a band, like Mika, because they were too young, so they played at Mika's garage, and Neiobi's daughter fell in love with Mika, but it was an impossible love, so she just fell in love with a boy in her school who was very similar to mika, but not as pretty, cool and good singer as him. Mean while, Mika and Madalena were having little couple fights because she new Mika still loved Saralituh a little bit, and she was jeaulose, so they divorced and Mika was single now, then he got on tourné again all over the world since Portugal, Spain; France, USA, China, until he found Neiobi again, they talked for hours about how wonderfull Portugal is, with it's fantastic sun, deliciouse cakes and great beaches, until he had to go away because he had one gig after that, but then he said to Neiobi: I hope I could talk to you again soon; then He left and got into his bus to go to his gig, then he found Saralituh and his beautifull daughter, so he picked her up, and danced with her, then he gave a kiss in the cheek of Saralituh and said he really missed her, so he then made some pasta because he was so hungry and went to his gig at Portugal where, after that gig, he went for walk and found that he possibly wanted to move to Portugal one day because of all the sun and deliciouse cakes called #Pasteis de Belem#, besides that was there were Saralituh lived, so he decided that he would throw a huge party for all the MFCers in Portugal so he called up Cherisse to let her know she should bring is favourite blue cuddletoy named Cricri, but she didn't answer the message and he went to his room play with tamagotchi humming along to a great song, which was called
  4. I agree! "The Brilliant Hurricane" That's a bit awesome. xx
  5. Pink wafers? They kinda RULE. Yum
  6. I love how people are so friendly on here. It's really nice. Ly all x
  7. I am liking this thread! I went to my local Gay Pride Fest. last year, and it was so much fun to watch! So colouful and pretty. xox
  8. I'm sorry for boasting.. But I have his autograph :) It says "To Sophie, Mika x" Although I didn't meet him. Someone got it for me lol. x
  9. Oh.My.Gawd.. Sorry for the rather delayed reply.. I'm new Backstage passes?! Partying with Mika?! *Cries* Lol why wasn't I there. Fab to hear some of you were though! Bet it was amazing.. I'm going green with jealousy. xx
  10. Yay, I'm joining this! British and (most of the time) proud. Although there are a lot of things we could be ashamed about. But I'm focusing on the positive things. Over and out x
  11. LICM will be extremely hard to follow up on.. I mean, can it possibly get any better?! (Course it can. Come on.. it's Mika.) Good luck Mika! Though you won't disappoint any of us, I'm sure x
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