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  1. some vids of VERY GOOD QUALITY (also in sound) Special thanks to Stefano who made these 3 vids: Doctor John Intro+Relax Stuck in the middle (trumpet solo)
  2. So,finally we got in and I litterally run across Capannelle to reach the first row.. AND I SUCCESSFULLY DID IT I was between DANI56 and tiibet,a very nice person!I'm so glad to have met her We also chatted a little bit so I could make some exercise my english:aah: I forgot to tell,I made for the event a sheet where I wrote AVE,MIKA ! ("Ave" is the ancient way of the Roman people to say "Hello" 2000 years ago:teehee:),and I put it in front of me.Then I realized the stage was veeeeeery very high and I got disappointed. That's why I didn't see immediately he fell down while playing Big Girl:blink: Jonh also came to us to check if everything was OK,I appreciated it!He's very kind,the best manager Mika could ever have The band who introduced the gig,well...WAS HORRIBLE!I advise you,please NEVER-EVER try to listen to some of their songs,they are senseless and repetitive:sneaky2:me and Dani shouted them to leave the stage because it was impossible to stand them! Finally,the gig started.. I was soooo excited,I've been waiting for this day more than 3 years and I didn't completely realize that day was arrived!I shouted all gig long,photografers also made me some photos I can't describe myself actually,maybe you should ask my gig mates then we made the flashmob during Doctor John.. as he started to sing the chorus,we all took our glowsticks and during Happy Ending we were holding a lot of papers with "GRAZIE!" written on it.. a tear came down my face. And then,when he dedicated to us Gace Kelly.. I was lost!I don't remember what I did,or what I said.. All I can do is saying to him THANK YOU AGAIN..for everything he did.. I forgot to tell he went shirtless for the most part of the gig,but someone already said it..
  3. Ok,it's time for me to write a short report of that amazing night.. I arrived in front of Capannelle at 8:25 am,and I immediately got my number:26!Not bad,though I wish there were less people (reading 3ds the days before the gig I knew people wouldn't come before lunch!) anyway,it was ok:thumb_yello: It was very hot that day,but personally I didn't feel that hot while queing,and me and bettasan spent some time sunbathing in our swimsuits (we don't get very tanned in summer,maybe we wished we were a little bit more:naughty:) I helped the other MFCers giving numbers to the rest of people coming during the day,but we stopped at number 100 because we weren't sure we were allowed to enter before the others.. I think all the people who didn't have the number started hating me because I warned them not to make a lot of noise or skip the queue,otherwise I would have send them back (I'm only 17,please have mercy on me ) To pass the time we also made draws and signatures in the back of the veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long sheet we did (6 metres long,thanks to GraceKelly85 and the others:thumb_yello:) Then we finally saw John,and we asked him if it would have been possible to enter before the others. As usual,he's been very kind to us!! The problem was:WHEN we could reach the first row?Time was passing and I personally was terrified not to reach the row,because the organizers were very confused,they didn't know which queue was the one of the Fan Club! Fortunately,Miss Penniman arrived!Oh,what a lovely woman!:mf_lustslow:She chose people to dance on stage,but she only wanted new people,so one of my friends (Enrica) joined it!I must admit,I'm a little bit jealouse,also because after Lollipop she and Mika were hugged when the show was over (grrrrr... ) second part coming..
  4. I'm sorry I got mistaken I'm not used to write here very frequently.. so just tell me,who's the woman next to me in this pic? (black t-shirt and glasses on)
  5. these photos are absolutely GREAT!You can see also DANI56,Nezza,Dark Angel (if I'm not wrong) and me of course!The girl with her face written :naughty::naughty: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=61222&id=1566594956&ref=mf
  6. vids from youtube Kick-Ass (see they renamed from "Kick-ass" to "We are Young" first photos (I have to upload all of them,I made something like 280 pics ) Sorry for the bad quality,I was in the first center row I will try to upload the others soon
  7. I made that sheet :mf_lustslow: I'M WORLDFAMOUS :naughty: as soon as I can I will post my report,videos and photos
  8. I've found some other vids,I don't know if they've been posted yet.. AOW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNI7lnhgrcM DJ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2OkmV0zFwE OMS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7L0GH_65lds BE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5xBrqmcqGU edit:someone already did
  9. I think it's time for me to write my report too,even though I don't usually write here because I am usually 'active' in other Italian fansites.. anyway I arrived at the Forum at 9:20 am,and I immediately got my number.22,great! when we had the first problem with queing -as robertina has already said - I decided to help her managing the situation,because it was my third mika's gig so I though I could be useful in some ways. I spent all my time keeping the 150 ppl on the line,like a rude policeman thanks to robi,we managed to enter before the others,so I took the first central row. WOW When I saw it was SOLD OUT I couldn't believe my eyes,it was so incredible! And the gig was awesome as well,it's quite impossible to imagine 9.000 people jumping everywere and singing every single line of the songs. I was soooooo excited and Mika was too. He's been so kind and funny during all the concert,he even danced ON the piano :naughty: I'm completely voiceless right now,and the worst thing about my report is that they stole my camera so I don't have any photos nor vids. I'M SO ANGRY :sneaky2: anyway,this has certainly been my best mika's gig ever,because of the venue and because of the scenic effects. I would like to thank everybody of the mfc who made this day incredible and unforgettable. I hope to see you soon in Rome ! robi,te lo ripeto:grazie mille ancora!se per i prossimi concerti posso rendermi utile in qualche modo,fammelo sapere e io non esiterĂ² a dare una mano
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :yay:

  11. Rain is the 4th most downloaded single in the Top Singles Chart of I-Tunes in Italy!!!!!!!
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