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  1. I know but.. maybe sooner or later.. I also thought.. what about the competition?Maybe the winner will be asked to help Mika drawing the cover of the DVD.. You know what.. I am 90% convinced he's coming to Milan for THIS reason
  2. May I give a suggestion? I think Mika is coming to promote a DVD.. Did anybody remember a day of April?
  3. TANTI AUGURI MARINA!!!!!! E buonsalve a tutte voi anche la sottoscritta è tornata dalle vacanze al mare.. voi come state?spero vada tutto bene.. un abbraccio:bye:
  4. Ciao Caterina! beh,in effetti qualcosa in più ci sarebbe.. 8 bonus track sono sufficienti per soddisfare le tue esigenze?
  5. T'oh,chi l'avrebbe mai detto?Ciao carissima,benvenuta!Io sono Camilla ,17 anni e mezzo e.. vengo proprio dalla Balduina!:naughty:piccolo il mondo,eh?
  6. per me povera minorenne-che-diventa-maggiorenne-a-febbraio non c'è speranza per il concorso,vero?
  7. some vids of VERY GOOD QUALITY (also in sound) Special thanks to Stefano who made these 3 vids: Doctor John Intro+Relax Stuck in the middle (trumpet solo)
  8. So,finally we got in and I litterally run across Capannelle to reach the first row.. AND I SUCCESSFULLY DID IT I was between DANI56 and tiibet,a very nice person!I'm so glad to have met her We also chatted a little bit so I could make some exercise my english:aah: I forgot to tell,I made for the event a sheet where I wrote AVE,MIKA ! ("Ave" is the ancient way of the Roman people to say "Hello" 2000 years ago:teehee:),and I put it in front of me.Then I realized the stage was veeeeeery very high and I got disappointed. That's why I didn't see immediately he fell down while playing Big Girl:bl
  9. Ok,it's time for me to write a short report of that amazing night.. I arrived in front of Capannelle at 8:25 am,and I immediately got my number:26!Not bad,though I wish there were less people (reading 3ds the days before the gig I knew people wouldn't come before lunch!) anyway,it was ok:thumb_yello: It was very hot that day,but personally I didn't feel that hot while queing,and me and bettasan spent some time sunbathing in our swimsuits (we don't get very tanned in summer,maybe we wished we were a little bit more:naughty:) I helped the other MFCers giving numbers to the rest of people com
  10. I'm sorry I got mistaken I'm not used to write here very frequently.. so just tell me,who's the woman next to me in this pic? (black t-shirt and glasses on)
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