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  1. I like it and love it, a very lovely surprise this morning. It's like 3 different Mikas singing...A-ok in my book. And okay maybe it's just my strangeness but any song that has the line "Never gonna give you up" is going to have me crack a grin cause Rick Astley domintated the market with that line lol. I smiled in many ways today. . .mission accomplished.
  2. So great news to hear. Regarding the title, I would think the cd would be out before the year ends. On the BET Awards it was nice to see him smile so brightly. Hope that he's in a good place. Yeah it must be tough not being able to see him live which is an awesome experience. You never know, he might be able to come closer to your area than Austria or Paris and hopefully for less $$$.
  3. Hahaha yes...Spongebob. Wishing Prince a great celebration for the week. Here's a fairly recent pic of Prince, love the smile.
  4. His management has announced that he is ill, there are sources that say that it's due to food poisoning or some type of intestinal infection. It's unfortunate for those in the UK as I know many people have waited a while. I know he usually tries not to cancel if he can help it. Hopefully John will get well soon for his sake. In other news, the music video for "Half of My Heart" was released. It's available on iTunes.
  5. I read on his Twitter recently that he always comes out in front after his shows, so I think it's a safe bet. Have a great time and ummm practice what you're going to say to him... With Mika, I only said Hi and answered his questions with 1-2 word replies. Quite funny considering I meant to head for the exit, not the M&G line.
  6. Oh I definitely will. Are you going to try to meet him after the show? Hehehe....yeah I was opening my refrigerator the other day and that whole joke played out in my head while staring at the egg carton. Yeah I think I went for some ice cream instead.
  7. That's awesome!...would love to see him in California myself. I think you already know that you'll have a great time. Also, The dude's fun to follow on Twitter...loved the Christmas Caroling
  8. I love that video, especially that one since I had saved all the others except this one when they were on imeem.com. Once they merged with myspace, all those videos had to go down. Thanks for that, saving it now. Seriously, imeem had some cool finds though there are still a few good ones on dailymotion.com, the Creep performance @ Coachella is there.
  9. Bummers... Couldn't find any listings for the show in the UK except for Germany in mid-december. I know that's like a needle in a haystack. So I found some footage on youtube from people who were there, still catch the actual show for better sound and visuals if you can. Mr. Jagger has SPUNk! U2, Mick Jagger, Fergie - Gimme Shelter
  10. Watching the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Concert right now...just awesome... Not just U2 with Bono springing like a bungee jump but everyone performing on it with their awesome sets. Plus the sound is wonderful. Catch it if you can on HBO.
  11. Really loving this show too. Loved the one episode when the daughter hits the father with the car. I was rolling on the floor laughing at that one.
  12. This part cracked me up... It was like punch after punch reading it.
  13. I finally decided on Charlie Chaplin...now I really have an excuse not to speak tonight, hehehe. Just stuff my mouth full of candies please.
  14. Yeah! That's what I was thinking, I would have been too leery to throw it to him fearing I might cause him another injury besides his foot. So good job on the throw.
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