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  1. Hey, someone else I knew from on here told me you'd gone and I kinda forgot to check back to see how stuff went down until now (cus I stopped checking the forums as much just before you went)

    R.I.P. dear

  2. Happy Bday, bday sister! :huglove:

  3. Happy New Year! Hope u have a year full of happiness and glitter!

  4. Thanks!

    Merry Christmas to you too!

  5. I think its Awesome!!!...I followed you btw I'm Simply Different Or Beautifully Neon...Merry Christmas!

  6. You mean "mmmfakecheez"? Well, I've never heard it called awesome before, so thank you. ^^

  7. ur name sounds familiar o.O *thinks* OH WAIT! Do you have that Awesome Tumblr???

  8. Not to mention that some people are doing it to provoke fans as well (have you heard of the term "troll", perchance?). Other than that, it's their opinion. You can't force 'em to change it. If you like a man who's famous for singing like a woman, there's going to be critiscism and backlash.
  9. "You know how, when it's your first day at school, you stand up and tell the class your name and where you were born? Well, when I did that everyone laughed at me." I remember this quote, but I don't know where it came from.
  10. Preferably as soon as possible. :P


    I know it's dirty, that's why I wanna read it! Believe me, I've endured a May from Pokemon/Thomas The Tank Engine fic!

  11. Yes! i can send them later tonight or tomorrow (they're not particularly clean mind!) :teehee:

  12. I'm curious. :naughty:


    Please can I have a read of your fanfic?


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