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  1. hey Mika mail partner....:naughty: i guess we should get to talkin' about that!

  2. merry-christmas-b275.jpg

    Here's some cookies! eat them before i do :naughty:

  3. hey there :) how are you? :) long time no see...

    well i was a bit busy studying, moving and bla bla bla..

    how have you been?

    missed you :) hope to hear from you soon ;)

  4. Dunno But it tastes good xD Well I have an idea what it could be but I don´t know an eglish word for it
  5. Ay, Mr Blue ^^ His smile here is... fantastic... simply fantastic. O.O
  6. Yay! Two day ago my pack from Ruxi came! Thanks, sister, very much! Here are pictures: http://madelein.rajce.idnes.cz/Iasi/ I love it! People, this is at least the best project ever!
  7. I love the second one! He looks so proudly And Love Today
  8. Czech And sorry for late reply, I didn´t take note... Better to have you as a sister Wow O_O
  9. Yep yeeeep, it would be great! I always wanted a sister And we have a telepathic connection which makes it still better So... hello my new sister
  10. I think that´s pretty good You can be my lost twin XD Hehe, trust me, I´m czech and nobody is worse in english then us- especialy me
  11. Not at all Hey, you´re the first person I met here who use british "not at all"... Everyone says "You´re welcome"
  12. So we could be neighbours:naughty: Cause our views don´t look like in fairy-tale... Congrats!
  13. Yep yep, I know this feeling But I believe I´ll move to beeeeautiful house in Australia Only me, snakes, spiders, amazing nature and few friends
  14. Don´t worry, it looks completely like views I had for almost all my life. Maybe few of them were worse (I moved 4times XD). As I said it´s better now, but it still isn´t good
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