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  1. hi ya hun, miss ya, see ya saturday

  2. i can fit in your case, you wont even know im there.
  3. we going mika february yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    bring on mika, me you kate and yve ......

  4. the 4 of us and mika, its a date. and will be a hell of a day to remember.
  5. Ok hun i understand, shame i really need see ya, miss ya loads.

    I know what its like i had it for 9 days, hope you feel better later.

    need to get better for saturday, we going out to romford pub, ask yve she want to come, pauline coming.

    love ya


  6. you would sexy,... im listening to the god now, no kids full blast. HEAVEN

  7. hiya, love the site

  8. thankyou for welcome hollyd

  9. hi all thankyou so much for making me welcome in my new family. mfc is the place to be. love you all xxx:mf_lustslow:
  10. hiya lover yes im so coming to next gig, wild horses could not stop me. i still keep crying to"Any other world" driving me nuts cos dont know why i do it. glad you got me involved, and so glad to have friend like you, your the best xxxx
  11. hi to all mika fans, i have my best friend to blame getting hooked on mika, but glad she did, thanks kt4mika cant stop listening to him and driving family mad. wont be long before i want go to one of the concerts, hope to make lots of new friends on here. xxx
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