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  1. @MIKA_fan is mee!!!! I shall do my best w/ this one
  2. MORE COMPETITIONS!! I've entered most of them but won none Theres still a chance with the crossword Comp!!!!!! :biggrin2:
  3. lol. surprise surprise. heres the range of emotions i think we all go through when we see his pic- (theres more, but im not allowed any more images XD) haha this is what I do when I see Mika!!!
  4. okk!!! That will be at 2:00 p.m. here where I live...I guess I will text it until I get to a comp!!
  5. What!? No way Hahahaha!! Yes I never knew either!!
  6. Okay here is MY take on the Mika list {: -mmm i like cheese sandwiches (expecially grilled) -well i guess I'm cute and amazing!! And AWESOME!! :} -My favourite song from LICM is Relax -Don't really have a color shoe I'm obsessed with but I do love shoes! -Star sign is Virgo. -I was raised good catholic girl...kinda -umm Snoopy? Doesn't he just sleep on his dog house? -my favorite type of bottled watter is Fiji - his favorite clouds are clouds shaped as boobs (<-- HAHAHA XD) -Don't like seafood...I get to paranoid about food poisoning -hes at his most peaceful time when in a car (Me too!! It seems to relax me) -Nope I have no lazy eye kitkat bar???? mmm chocolate!! -I don't mind ppl touching my hair..when ppl pay attention to it, it makes me uncomfortable tho -Well maybe I don't WANT him to talk about why he wrote Grace Kelly. -Never seen Dancing In The Dark -threes?? umm no not really for me -I used to love Tamagotchis! Don't know what happened to those lil boogers! -If I had fans...they would be off da WALL -when I was little, I swallowed a Penny!! -I can't drink Milk -I like milk chocolate the most. I trained myself to like dark also. Hate White Chocolate!!! -My fav. food is Lasagna or Steak -Don't drink -Marmite? -Nvr been on a plane! too scared -Fish as food? YUK! Fish as animal? ...nvr thought of it -LOVE purple!!! My all time fav color!! No particular shade though... -Can't drive either!! In Driver's Ed tho -Has brown hair (yepp mee too) - don't have wellies - fav. weather is rainy/drizzle first thing in the morning - Haha ok past life!!?? No clue! - I'm a compulsive liar!! and not proud of that either :/ [/SIZE]
  7. *Writes down every detail* Okay know I have my New Years Resolution list!! Be. More. Like. Mika!!! lol ok so what if im a copycat!! ITS EFFIN MIKA FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! Purple is my favorite color too!!!! Im actually typing this wearing some purple gloves!
  8. Bunny??....BUNNYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! "Thats a particularly nice one isn't it? It's a pity it's closed- I mean the bunny outfit, not the....the other bunny outfit!"
  9. Yea Virginia Beach is a couple hours South of where I live so it's a great vacation spot! I just love the idea of being able to walk out you're hotel room and down the street to a store just like that! I found a guy at the corner of the street selling custom air-brushed Tee's and we visited him nearly EVERY day we were there!! He was amazing.

  10. :aah: I remember Norfolk and Virginia Beach as I said.. I LOVE Virginia Beach.. it is BEAUTIFUL, My Brother went there again this past summer to A Motley Crue concert :aah: I wouldn't go to that... but the beach was AMAZING!
  11. Umm....Not exactly...I drove through South Carolina to get to Florida when I was really little going to Disney World but I don't really remember that soo. No? Yea so I don't remember South Carolina but I remember Disney World!!! :D

  12. hehe, I would much rather live in Virginia.. I've been to Richmond.. We went all over Virginia one year, it was VERY fun, Have You been to South Carolina?

  13. Capital is Richmond...haha I actually think I would rather live here than South Carolina!! Just cause Im closer to New York!!! lol OO!! I really need to make that concert in NY this summer for Mika!! (IF it happens)