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  1. yes! i think we have some good talent wow! i watched it on c4 for a bit, bet it was loud with all the screaming fans haah! kids of 88 are awesome! haha, loved seeing the red carpet interview thingys! gin's personality wasn't what i was expecting, haha and her outfit!
  2. i take continuing, which is like the harder class than general, but it's easier than the whole physics year course, if you can understand that? haha i'm 5th form-year 11 nearly over though!! haha, dont apologise i cant remember if you did either ^-^ spring makes me so happy! *sigh* no, i went to the bishopdale ymca gym. well, i did pump once and i thought it was good, but so hard! and i think i will stick to step um, i dont usually go hah, but i think i will go to step regularly and maybe join next year, oh and i do yoga haha! i love it! so good for you!
  3. woop woop! go kiwi thread you guys! all those results sound amazing! i got some of mine back too! Need a bit of work for math and science- but i surprised myself with a merit in trig and a merit in physics! and yeah haha, all is well as it is now holidays and warm in christchurch for once! it seems that spring lasts for about a week then summer arrives! and i'm feeling good because i just got home from a step class, it was so good!
  4. YAY! im glad you love him in glasses too! i love him in everything really haha! Yeah, a few. but some only from far away, if you get closer you realise they arn't like meeks at all haha, he ABSOLUTELY belongs here
  5. yeah, perhaps, maybe banks peninsula volcanoes are changing? i dont know, eek! haha! AWH, your lecturer sounds kind of lovely, apart from the checking the students out, since he's way older hah! ^-^ i actually think mika looks so sweet in the kick ass vid, he suits glasses, don't you think? a bit nerdish but still nice,. except i hate it when he is all bruised and all well, i hope you feel better today
  6. haha! totally agreed with your comment about it being so much better on here than tv or whatnot! yeah, ncea! haha, awh, yeah i'm not good at science, i get distracted haha! and just have kinda decided i dont need it either :0 awh! bet the teacher is absolutely gorgeous. mika teaching? heheh, sounds cute! i can picture him walking in and being all shy and lovely i do always do better in subjects i love, hah, you better say, i think i might go to sweeney todd if i can get tickets and afford it ^-^ anyway, off to bed for me goodnight!
  7. exams start on wednesday but my first one is on friday, i have english,math,science,history,drama and an art one when we just paint and dont actually have an exam. so, five like you do what do you think of art history? next year i'm going to take english,drama,media,classics and history how about you? WOW! that sounds fantastic, well i hope you have a fun two days and work hard to make some amazing music what do you play? or do you sing, or play and sing haha? i would love to hear you sometime (: well, i feel much happier now that you know that he's legit awh! a few weeks/months ago i saw this guy across the road (i was at the busstop) and he was with his friends i think. i couldn't help but gaze at him haha! he seemed the most outlandish of the group, and he had the cutest style/clothing and hair similar to meeks'. oh! and these oldfashioned glasses! hehe! awh! that's no fair! they should all be nice to you, you seem lovely
  8. yeah, the first few days the aftershocks were really big, and devastating! my school, burnside high was one of the welfare centers but the people had to move because of cracks caused by the aftershocks. it certainly will not be forgotten, ever i dont think. i am so grateful for the help workers, they have done so much! no, although i haven't been out particularly much, i will try and sniff some out maybe that is from the silt that has bubbled up from under ground, a lot of people's ground has been covered with the sticky mess. perhaps? that's okay haha, sulfur
  9. awh thankyou! the ones next term are the really important ones so i hope they go alright! haha! yeah i really need to start seriously studying ^-^ we are alright! lots of homes ruined and some of our heritage buildings crumbling but we are holding up ok, the kiwi way haha! wow! i would love to go to rocky horror, i love that movie! would be pretty amazing in theatre form! i love theatre, acting and singing. you will be lucky if you get to go! well, if you go to either im sure you will have a fantastic time! must tell me about it hah! nice talking to you (:
  10. i have mock exams this coming week, so i know what you must be going through~ with the study and all! anyway, long time i haven't been on here either need my fix of mfc (: well, it's been kinda stressful and hard for the past few days cause i live in christchurch and we have just had a big earthquake and aftershocks for the days following it. I heard that Adam Lambert is coming to NZ, which is awesome, because i absolutely adore him; his music,talent and everything but he is only doing a show in auckland and i cant afford to go ^-^ oh well, will you get the chance to go? i hope you do!
  11. haha~ i would love to hear your revenge story terrible of me really, isn't it? when we are supposed to be on here, just because of Meeks and his wonderfulness! haha! you are nice
  12. this whole business with marco is horrible! i cant believe that anyone can treat you so badly, about your sight etc. and being someone close to you too! i know you have sensitivities about your eyes; but i would like to say i think you have a beautiful personality and that you also have just a beautiful soul. don't let anyone rip that quality from you; be strong, beat the bad times love,im here for you
  13. so, it is for the aussie concert right? you get to go~ lucky i hope you have a great time! you will have to take lots of photos and tell me about it please haha!
  14. hey caitlin! welcome to the MFC! im sure you will have a great time here!
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