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  1. It's nice to see he's doing a concert here, but I'm not sure I can go By the way, Kaunas is one city, Vilnius is another city. Mika will be in Kaunas
  2. Hope you had a lovely birthday :hug:



  3. Hope you have a lovely one!! :huglove:






  4. I suppose you didn't know Mika is going to represent Ireland next year in Eurovision, this time it's gonna be a trio
  5. 'Soon' is two years later and 'recent' is two years ago, everything makes perfect sense
  6. I'm late to the party.. He sang Live Your Life? :boing:
  7. Is it just me who gets really annoyed by Ariana fans on youtube? She isn't Justin Bieber, what's up with all these teenage girls screaming how amazing she is and how much they love her?
  8. I'm still on the "maybe" list as well. I have no idea if I will be there or not, but I like making plans I have no idea who I could drag with me this time round and I'm absolutely afraid to go by myself (unfamiliar city, foreign language, my crap English plus my shyness isn't the best combination.. )
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